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Question: do you have trouble noticing that the light has turned green? Do you almost walk into traffic where an oncoming car has to blow its horn to alert you of the danger? Do you feel you have to have your smartphone in your hands and on at all time? If so, you are addicted.

[Image: jumio_smartphone_chart-100051482-large.png]

This morning I went to two grocery stores for my needed groceries. In order to turn into the main road to the stores, I had to blow my horn at the person in front of me, because the ditz was busily playing with his addiction. Going into the WalMart grocery store, I watched two people concentrating so hard on their smartphones that they could have easily been struck by an oncoming car. And leaving Aldis as my last stop, I had to stop and wait for a female driver to turn into the open space right next to my van. And she was having trouble doing that because she had her face in her smartphone, trying to "chew gum and walk at the same time". Gah

I've gotten to the point where I have begun cutting back on my driving. Its that bad out there, and it worries me. The neighbors to my right, have a three year old, and twin infant boys. My other neighbor on my left has two children under four. I worry about them, because there are so many addicts driving around, just waiting to injure or kill others. I personally don't care about them, because they are idiots. But innocent drivers?

I personally like this article about cellphone addiction:Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addiction

Here's a test to see if you are addicted to your smartphone. Better yet, take your pick which is located on this Google Search page.

Is anyone here addicted to their smartphone? Or do you have relatives who are addicted?

[Image: Coverly-cell-phone-addiction.png]
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I still do not own one. We use a cell phone for our home phone, because it was a second line bundled with another cell phone owned by another person who lives here, and we got a good price break. But I seldom take it with me, unless I am expecting a call and have to go somewhere. Usually I leave it at home so Mom can have a phone (she never goes out).

John, you did not even mention the nut cases out there stalking imaginary Pokemons. I've heard people have come to blows over it. What we need is for some hacker to infect the Pokemon apps with a virus that displays in ever larger and brighter letters, "GET A LIFE!"
I am not addicted to my cell phone.

I could stop any time I want.

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