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Films and Documentaries
Hollywood has always trumped almost anything and everything. Visual images and sound that resonate with people is far better received than the written word across the board. The average man on the street can't name famous world leaders from their photos, but if they ever saw a film about that person, they could speak knowledgeably for hours. The average soundbite on TV runs for a few seconds. Even News show with "in-depth" interview cut off speakers after a sentence or two.

For "Hillary's America" check in at the 6:15 mark after their review of "Star Trek Beyond." I don't think Heidecker has ever rated a film as high as he did this D'Souza film. After seeing the film. he said Hillary should be in prison or put to death for Treason.
"Hillary should be in prison or put to death for Treason." Good. Someone finally said it. About time, after all the bodies she has left in her wake. Literally. And I don't just mean the ones in Benghazi--though they count too. How can anyone ever vote for Hillary, despite this? Even if Trump were actually Adolph Hitler reincarnated, I would still have to vote for him over Hillary. Electing Hillary would be giving control of the country to the Arkansas mafia, and would bring the White House fully under the control of darkness.
Trump is the best gift anyone ever gave Hillary Rodham Clinton.
The image of Trump being created by the disinformational media is the gift to Hillary. I see you still haven't bothered to check out the Trump policy positions, and instead just accept whatever you hear from the complicit media.
Has anyone seen the new
. The original, released in 1916 was a pro-KKK film that Woodrow Wilson showed at the White House, and led to a revival of the Klan after it had been totally shut down. The new film has trailers that show slaves being abused and finally fighting back, It was a dismal failure at the box office. Did we miss anything?

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