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What's With All The Zombie Movies?
I know zombie movies make money and are big right now. In fact they have been around for decades now. But what gives with all the new ones that are overflowing the listings?

I first noticed this trailer in an article today. I was going through a BBC article about the Rio Olympics and whether or not they were up to it. And in a little box on the right there was an article about a new zombie movie. Its a Korean movie, and about Korean zombies naturally. Spiteful

Train to Busan Official Trailer #1 (2016) Yoo Gong Korean Zombie Movie HD

So, I looked a little deeper and...........My G-d! There are gobs of them either coming out this year, or next years. Its simply nuts.

Here's just a few: All Upcoming Zombie Movies of 2016 & Beyond 2.

And there are even more articles, too many to mention. But there are two that I believe may hold promise. First, there is Zombieland 2, a follow-up on the original parody. Its a sequel, but lets cross our fingers. If its anything like the first, it should be watchable. S5

And secondly, there is "Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies". The title along gets my attention. Here is one of teasers. Others are coming out.

Attack of the Lederhosenzombies, Teaser 01

Somehow I just don't get it. I even quit "Walking Dead" a couple of years ago. See one, seen 'em all, right?

IMO the success of the Walking Dead started this craze. ...and also that many are fed up with having so many poeple and unconsciousely dream of whiping out most of the humanity so that "each live is valuable" again.
... and successful zombie movie will be those calqued on The Walking Dead concept: a mix of emotion, zombie scare, subtility, humor and no-non-sens.

New zombie movies should be more action movies than horror movies. In horror movies, they don't realy care as long as there are guts and blood gushing out, skeleton eyeballs and rotten skins. But poeple like it when there is a real story.

And a story which can be inserted in the same world as TWD, like Fear TWD did because poeple are crazy about the serie.

For example in the movie Extinction (2015) they uselessly created another kind of monster and because of this it was impossible to make the link with TWD. It was useless because this different type of monster didn't add anything.

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