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Japanese Culture..........
That is a doctrinal belief that Japan was the VICTIM in WWII. Has a hell of a lot more to do with traditional Japanese religion/culture than what China is fixing to do to them.
(07-18-2016, 12:01 PM)John L Wrote: Yohan, have you seen this link which was posted on another thread?

Japan Reverts to Fascism

What is your take on it?

This headline is plainly wrong.

As you know, Japan has a functioning Communist Party, which is receiving about 10 percent of the votes, since decades.

As you noticed maybe during the last days, the new governor of Tokyo is a woman.

Tokyo’s new female governor will run the biggest city-economy in the world - she is not even a member of the LDP, Abe's party anymore.

This does not sound facist to me...

About constitution changes, this is very questionable if such requests will pass the Lower House and Upper House (Shugi-in /Sangi-in in Japanese) - I strongly doubt if a majority can be found to do that.

However some additional spending for the Japanese military cannot be avoided. With neighbors like China, Russia and North Korea next to Japan, there is no other choice.

Other countries are unstable,  Taiwan (is this now China or not?)
Philippines is impoverished, Vietnam is not very trustworthy too with this present Communist leadership.
South Korea has a lot of problems, a small place with a long border to North Korea.

What will not change in general in future is likely the military co-operation with USA, might be some troops might be moved or sent back to USA etc, but basically the same as during the last decades. It's the most important co-operation for both, USA and Japan.

Unclear for me is still how strong is Japan really considering its military.

Some internet sources are listing it as no.4, some others only as #7, not so weak, worldwide seen.

 All sources I see so far agree that regarding military power USA is no.1, Russia no.2 and China no.3.
Yohan, Fascism is probably not what you think it is.  In fact, its really the biggest political system in the world.  In a nutshell, "fascism is a political-economic system in which the means of production are controlled and heavily regulated by the State."  The US has been moving toward fascism for decades now, ever since the Progressives gained so much influence.  

Remember, the Nazis(NSDAP),The National Socialist German Workers' Party,  were socialists, not fascists.  

I'll have to go back and read the article again.


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