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The Importance of Naval Guns
This is terrific technology. They explain that combined with air bust technology (above the target instead of upon impact) it's devastating. You can destroy a whole ennemy position with a single gun, in a fraction of a second.

As I said, the problem is human mistake. If you miss the target, it's a big waste of ammos and the surprise effect is gone. The enemy may see that you are using this technology and be prepared for the next salvo.

Unlike in war movies, ammos are counted in a tank, as I understand. It's not like you can fire and fire without counting and not caring if most of the shells miss the target. You are limited to 40 shots or something like that.
With Time on Target fires, it's immediately 5 rounds that you waste in case of a miss. And with a reserve of 40 shells, you can fire only 8 times.

I don't think Hollywood would like it...

Infantry Combat Vehicle and they show a tank.
In my imagination infantry means soldiers on feet.

Also what about 8x8 vehicle instead of tracks?
Looks like it's much faster and economical on roads and flat terrains.
Hey, you could go with the Russian philosophy instead.  Just totally bombard the entire area, until nothing moves.  Who cares about collateral damage.  And if they do, they're just a bunch of Syrian rebels anyway.  S13


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