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Is Egypt on the verge of a crash?
Egypt is on the verge of a big crisis. Usualy when the governement takes such a step it's nothing good.
shortage and import controls
I remember Spengler writing a few years back that Egypt was in a huge financial mess. It's government pretty much has had way too much centralized influence and it's caused lots of irrationality in the system.

This article sounds like a detailed corroboration of it.
(03-08-2016, 07:28 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: Egypt is on the verge of a big crisis. Usualy when the governement takes such a step it's nothing good.
shortage and import controls

Fred, all that is important, but the most important thing is food. As Spengler stated last year, and I posted it here, Egypt is not able to feed its population, and MUST import food just to keep its citizenry from revolting.

Its the one thing that is constantly overlooked by 'so called' experts. And that is what led to the French Revolution. Currently, the Saudis help bankroll Egypt, but this cannot continue forever, because SA is going to also collapse under its own weight of Wahhabism and corruption.

Saudi Arabia would crash only if the US stopped supporting it because it would be invaded and deconstructed so fast your head would swim w/o the US.
Incredible depiction of the situation in Egypt: Another shining failure of arab collectivism where poeple live and procreate thanks to governement's money.

This arab collectivism, in Egypt and many other countries including Saudi Arabia took the form of state subsidies for about just everything.

Egypt is about to collpase... yet one more time.

The governement reacts but it's too late: After decades of pulling prices for basic commodities through state subsidies the population is not adpted to a real economy, where prices fluctuate through offer and demand or are simply consistent with production and delivery costs.

The country is about to face a social and economic shock as the governement scale down or stop completely funding bread, sugar and gasoline.
There are already shortage for such basic products.

At the beginning these subsidies were meant to face famine and malnutrition for the short term, but they became quickely permanent as socialism loves it.

It was a failure because it didn't make poeple wealthier and didn't solve the famine treath neither: It just kicked the pea can further.
The governement spent decades and a lot of money importing food to feed new families. As a result population exploded to 60 million. Now the country is severly overpopulated and cutting into food subisdies are causing food shortage as there is no alternative yet to food supply.

Egyptian man Wrote:If someone has children to feed, what will he do?

Sisi has sought to persuade Egyptians that a collective sacrifice is necessary to save the country from financial ruin, even urging people to donate fakka, or spare change
Fred, can you just imagine what things there would be like, were the Saudis not helping to prop them up? Can you think of even one Arab country, where it is efficiently run? I can't, and the only ones with their heads above water are the one with lots of oil reserves. Otherwise they too would be in the gutter.

Authoritarianism and Islamic Socialism are hand-in-hand in all of them and personally I don't think they will ever get themselves out from under it all.

Hey, let ISIS into Egypt so they can dynamite all of the antiquities, and then destroy the one thing that attracts foreigners. That would do it up just right, wouldn't it? S22

Yes, the islamo terrorists have already achieved that half way. Tourism revenues are half of what it used to be, and the treason is terrorism. They didn't need to blow the pyramids.
In fact very few tourists died there, but poeple are scared of muslim countries.

Egypt economy was 35% tourism. But the worse thing is that tourism was probably the largest foreign currency income. And now there is a cash problem there.

I'm also very pessimistic for them. And for me, because Egypt is very close to Europe and 2x the population of Syria and Lybia combined. I don't want a new migrant wave.
Somehow I missed this yesterday: EXCLUSIVE : Top Egyptian General Killed in Joint Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas Assassination Plot

Sure is getting more raucous by the day. Shock

Something I note here you see when stuff like this happens to us. The event happens and immediately, the state agents know who did it, know all the components. Yet, they didn't stop it.

No way they know this fast if they didn't know in the past and it's the way it happens every time. If we have an event here, it is immediately "the Russians", "ISIS" or "Al Qaeda" and now in the USA we have "Christian right wingers" as a new bogeyman.

I guess we couldn't convince our people to supply the trillions to our security apparatus that spies on us if we didn't have bogeymen.

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