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Turkey's Move to Islamic Autocracy
I'm becoming a genius slowly.

Off topic here, but, I think Erdogan was behind that coup attempt. IMO, the perps were encouraged to do it and expect support by his agents.

Notice also that I am seeing in the US since W Bush what is happening in Turkey, if you are not supportive of the leader, you're not a good citizen by one side or the other.
This article is seriously interesting. Some of the info is dated, some is brand new:

1) It looks like Turkey may have decided it's time to move on from the USA empire. Not sure, but, they're showing evidence of it. Literally threatening jihad is serious. I can't recall another state ever doing this.

We may be in a historic shift deal. If I was an Islamist and ran Turkey, I'd do more biding my time than this because I can't see how Turkey can be what she desires w/o top class arms and no one else is making them outside the west that I am aware of. Maybe China will, Russia seems a generation behind still to me.

2) Some of our "moderate allies" literally threatened to murder American soldiers. Draw reasonable conclusions here.

Germany reacts first"

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