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Turkey's Move to Islamic Autocracy
And speaking about just such a Character, he really is one at that.  The Grand Sultan himself is in full swing.


But he's not finished.......yet.  He is lowering his sights on the Evil Germans, who are addressing the unthinkable: the Armenian genocide question.   And this is weighing heavily, not only for his aspirations, but also that of Frau Merkel as well. Just think of all those indigenous Turks, living off the fruits from das Vaterland.   Spiteful

Turkey's Erdogan warns Germany ahead of Armenian genocide vote
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Oh NO!, will the lawsuits come fast and furious? Or will Turkey separate itself form NATO over this obvious slap in the face? Will Erdogan go into convulsions?

Germany accepts resolution declaring Armenian killings during WWI “genocide”

Stay Tuned........................................... S13
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
There never has been a temporal Christian empire to overthrow (the very thought is an oxymoron), but, Turkey succeeded in taking the Balkans by force. Shows they're good warriors.
(06-03-2016, 04:39 PM)Palladin Wrote: There never has been a temporal Christian empire to overthrow (the very thought is an oxymoron), but, Turkey succeeded in taking the Balkans by force. Shows they're good warriors.

--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Palladin. the Byzantinian Empire was a Christian Empire by constitution, nature, definition, everything. State and religion was one and a same thing. The basileus was the head of the religion, at the same level as the pope in Rome.
But one thing is sure: These poeple didn't see the religion, the state and politic as we do today in 2016.
We can't come close to grasp how these poeple were thinking and why they believed so mysticaly about their Emperor.

The muslims took 800 years to defeat Byzantinum... and they make a celelbration about it? I don't understand...

Christian doctrine cannot use force to create earthly power, that's exactly not Christ. That's what everyone but Christ was about on earth, Fred.

The only Christian empire is the New Jerusalem. There cannot be one before the eschaton because you have to use coercion and force to have an empire now. That's the point.

All the Ottoman's did was overthrow an empire full of apostate Christians IF Byzantium claimed to be existing by force in association with Christ. That is an oxymoron.

That's like claiming the US is a Christian empire. Not hardly.

An Islamic empire can use coercion and be true to their religion, the people of Christ cannot.
Oh, give me a Buggerin' break!

Turkish president Erdogan to attend Muhammad Ali funeral

Quote: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will attend the public memorial service for boxing legend Muhammad Ali on Friday in Louisville, a spokesman for Ali's family said Monday.

Spokesman Bob Gunnell made the announcement as he unveiled details of the ceremonies to take place in Ali's hometown in the southern US state of Kentucky, where his coffin will be paraded through the streets before the public funeral.

In Turkey, a presidential source told AFP: "We confirm that the president will travel to Louisville, Kentucky to attend boxing legend Muhammad Ali's funeral. He leaves Wednesday evening."

Erdogan has asked to speak at the ceremony, organizers said.

Former US president Bill Clinton, comedian Billy Crystal and sports journalist Bryant Gumbel are to offer eulogies, along with Ali's wife Lonnie and daughter Maryum, the family said.
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
It's too bad Obama doesn't refuse him a visa.
Erdogan hurries up before Trump bans all muslims from the entering the US!
(06-04-2016, 03:10 PM)Palladin Wrote: An Islamic empire can use coercion and be true to their religion, the people of Christ cannot.
I agree but try to tell that to a 8th Century BC Byzantinian Greek! For them the Christ was an idol and a god in the same way than pagan gods.
They didn't care that, while a man he said "love each others". If they won a battle, it was because Christ gave them victory. If they lost, it was because Christ wanted to punish them for their sins. They were thinking like that.
Our so-called friends the Turks, the CIA should have arranged to have RFID's or similar devices sewn into the uniforms or used a dye on the material that glows in the dark after being exposed to daylight for several hours.
They wouldn't do that since some US allies are also customers of this businessman.
Erdogan demands DNA bood test for German parliamentaries of Turkish origin. Pretends their blood is impure.
JA! JA! Mein Führer!
(06-11-2016, 04:57 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: Erdogan demands DNA bood test for German parliamentaries of Turkish origin. Pretends their blood is impure.
JA! JA! Mein Führer!

Oh, this is really getting more interesting by the day. S13
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Will he ever go away? S11

[Image: eap38Zm.jpg]
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
Seriously, over time Turks are going to be challenged to decide for or against NATO cause even the western corrupt leadership eventually will be embarrassed to side with Erdogan. We've preached too many lies to openly side with him against a true democrat say in Greece. Heck, Putin may have more restraint on his conduct than Recep.
Coup in Turkey: This time it looks serious

One European diplomat was dining with the Turkish ambassador to a European capital when guests were interrupted by the pinging of urgent news on their mobile phones.
Hard to get detailed info yet, I get an impression early on it's not a unified military coup.
Yeah, both sides are claiming control.  But it seems the military may be much closer to the truth.  Erdogan was on vacation when the coup occurred, so he was caught flatfooted.   The interesting thing is that he must have thought he had completely castrated the military leadership.  I guess he was wrong.  S13

Its obvious that the military is going to take its job seriously of keeping Ataturk's ideal of a turkey that is secular.   They have done this three times since 1960, so this is number four, in just the last 55 years.  Wow!

There's something else that may have galvanized the military.  Remember Erdogan stating that he wanted to modify the constitution, allowing him to have increased powers?  That could have been the stimulus for it all.
--- SCHiST Happens! ---
The putsh failed.
And nobody knows why they attempted to make a coup.

It's surprising how little support the military rebels had, and how strong was ERrdogan's support in the streets.

- Their first mistake was to start a putsh with no popular support. Poeple didn't flood the streets in protest against the regime they did before al-Sissi's putsh in Egypt.

- Second mistake. They didn't use social medias. Only the old analog wave TV. That's so old school. They still think that poeple recieve media broadcasts with rake-anteneas...
Erdogan knew what he was doing when he was banning them. Strong with this experience, he knew even better how to use them for himself.
In Iran, the most massive protests happenned on social media and the Arab Spring sprung from smartphones.
This military putsh surprised everyone... because it was anbsent from mobile medias.

- Third mistake was to fight for secularism. This is the Middle East, they seem to forget. Nobody wants secularism. Everbody wants Islam.
Again al-Sissi succeeded because he paused as an Islamist, even if he fought against another Islamist.
Erdogan is popular, or, at least his supporters are eager to go to the streets with flags to wave and other flags to burn, to portest, chant and dance hystericaly for him.
Poeple there only trust Islamists because Islam = Good.
Next time they want to make an anti-islamist revolution, they first should tell the poeple that Islam = Bad.

Now why they did it?
Obviousely poeple who had something to lose if they didn't move. Probably Erdogan is purging the state, not only the military but also the judges. Authorities had removed 2,745 judges from duty. (scroll to the middle)

Also because they were based in the south east, on the border with Syria, they were probably pissed at Erdogan's policies toward Isis, the Kurds, the war in Syria etc...

Erdogan tried to accuse Gulen. IMO to seek his extradition from the US.
Fortunately nobody believes him. Obama keeps Gulen as a smart card.

One reuters' reporter called Turkey the EU candidate. S6
Actualy Turkey is going more toward civil war and Islamic dictatorship than EU membership.

Had the coup succeeded, there would have been civil war, and this option is not off the table IMO.
The putsh may have more popular support than we think, maybe in the south-east. And that could be only the start of more uprisings.

But Erdogan controls the Islam in Turkey and that's why he wins.

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