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Nigel Farage, UKIP and EU Membership
At this time nationalism is not a strong force enough.. but regional elite interests clearly emerge -- regional in the case of EU may be old nation states and thus a reflection of nationalism in a way, this is a moot point.

What is not a moot point:

UK staying in the EU contradicts economic interests of others, in particular of Germany. So Brexit is a done deal no matter what May May do.
(Merkel is not a mental giant .. but comparing to May she sure knows how to run a household!)

Brexit is really not that interesting anymore.

We have new fault lines emerging : Germany vs France and Italy vs France.
(and an old one : Eastern Europe vs the Core -- EE countries want the UK to stay, need British contribution to the budget.... but this is a minor thing, Poles do not have enough weight, and the others do not have any weight at all.)

Somehow I think these are not the last ones.
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mv Wrote:UK staying in the EU contradicts economic interests of others, in particular of Germany.

An abrupt no-deal Brexit will be bad for everyone, not only for UK.

Only the May's deal (the May-Merkel Pact) would have provided an economic interrest to Germany and other EU countries by letting the advantages of UK being in the common market while forbidden from the political decision making.
But that's ruled out by now, even thought that it would be still far better than a no-deal.

Well, Brexiteers knew it in advance. They are well prepared for the hard Brexit:

[Image: 52354564_1056290001224493_43902535892981...e=5D26486C]

Simple. Europeans get large assets that are being moved from the UK to the continent.

Two specific areas of importance :

1// Banking. Germany may be able to keep Deutsche Bank afloat this way, this is big. And this gives Germans 2nd place in the banking industry.

2// Auto. Production is already being moved from the UK, not quite sure where yet, but one can probably find out. Again, very big.

Now, EU loses UK's contributions to the budget ... not that big, let the Poles et al take their cut.
Sodomia delenda est

(02-19-2019, 03:54 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: [Image: 52354564_1056290001224493_43902535892981...e=5D26486C]

I suspect that a good portion of those named have different circumstances.  For example, Farage is married to a German, which automatically means his two youngest children have dual citizenship.  Also, Rupert Murdoch is an Aussie, who is also a naturalized US citizen.  Why shouldn't he have residence in the US?
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