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Nigel Farage, UKIP and EU Membership
(05-03-2017, 11:14 AM)Fredledingue Wrote: There are enough unhappy and disgruntled in France to give Le Pen or the other asshole some 20+%. But the majority of french don't have to complain much.
Le Pen and Melenchon don't win vote by saving the poors, but by telling poeple that they are poor, in disaray, exploited, that "the situtation can't continue like that"...

I'm not sure I'm willing to wager on it ... but I think Le Pen will do a heckuva lot better than  20+%.  If she breaks 40% I would expect that will pretty well fit the definition of 'normalized'.  That's roughly where she's polling today. Winning is obviously the point, but owning the "status quo" comes with some peril. If every thing stays peachy, that's great ... but pretty much every bad thing that happens (terrorist acts, increases in violent crime, decreases in employment, recessions, scandals etc ... ) get's reflected in the "status quo". If Le Pen hits the numbers in that poll, it would only require another 10% or so increase in "unhappy and disgruntled" to upset the apple cart.

WOW!! This sounds like it was pretty nasty ... 'parasite' vs "German puppet" ... yikes.
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
Here's how I see all this.  No matter who wins, the Islamic terrorist attacks are only going to get more frequent and worse, destruction/casualty wise.  Its going to keep escalating as long as the Euros sit back and fail to realize the terrible danger they are putting themselves into.   If Le Pen wins, she wins, and begins the long road to shutting down the Islamist's ability to be unrestrained.  If Macron wins, Le Pen will not go away.  She's only a few years older than he is.  And his approval levels will take a slow descent from day one, because he represents the establishment.  

She has nothing to lose, because she will have a "See, I told you so" response. He has nothing to win, because he is not prepared to bite the bullet and make the hard decisions.  He has, what, five years to make an incredibly shrinking head of state?  

I still contend that the EU is destined to failure, because they went a "Bridge too Far", and paid no attention to the ever growing nationalism/tribalism that will be an unstoppable force this century.  

But the real issue here is Islam and the ongoing war from within.  Frau Merkel may well be eventually strung up on some tree limb yet.  But whatever happens, she will go down as the one who set this all in motion.  She's not totally at fault, but she deserves the lion's share of the blame, and rightly so.

And during the debate, he called her "The High Priestess of Fear" as though there is absolutely nothing to fear. As I see it, he is basically clueless of the danger lurking out there. There should be a lot of concern about the future. And the very fact that she is sounding the alarm will prove to be a strategic plus for her, and a decided negative for him. I could be wrong, but........................................ Spiteful

[Image: 18301507_10155211841918006_1453297947681...e=59847E64]
Comments regarding the Brexit after UK elections:

May Wrote:As I reflect on the results I will reflect on what we need to do in the future to take the party forward

Stephen Martin, business lobby director Wrote:The last thing business leaders need is a parliament in paralysis

Donald Tusk, EU's council Wrote:Do your best to avoid a 'no deal' as result of 'no negotiations

S6 link
Michael Walsh over at PJMedia is fairly certain that Great Britain has succeeded in thoroughly screwing itself, as a result of this Teresa May snap election that backfired on her,...and the Tories.

Theresa May's Well-Deserved Defeat, and the UK's Uncertain Future

Quote:As Great Britain dies, mostly thanks to the deliberate suicide of the Labour Party, it's the Tories who are going to suffer. What England needed in the weak Cameron's wake was a decisive leader who would reverse the effects (insofar as possible) of Labour's gambit to boost its electorate via immigration, and to start a serious crackdown on the hordes of foreign Muslims who are already fundamentally changing the nature of the British state. Unable to stand up to bogus charges of "racism," the Tories capitulated in principle, and got two attacks in London and the massacre in Manchester in return.

No wonder they lost. Spinelessness is not an attractive character trait in anyone, much less a putative leader. What Mrs. May just discovered -- and what we all should learn -- is that the days of managing cultural decline via the administrative and the police state are over. At this point, it's either fight back, defend your patrimony, or die.

Americans made that choice in November, and yet the pushback from the Deep State and the Democrats remains ferocious. Absent the return of St. George, it's hard to see how the UK comes out of this alive.

There is one thing to be certain here.  Allowing in all those followers of the Cult of Islam, they have indeed guaranteed far more hard core voters for the Labour Left.  And it is exactly the same thing here with the Jackasses, who are continually sweet talking the very group who would gladly sever their heads from the rest of their bodies if they could.  

Had Islam done this very thing a thousand years ago, they would already be in total control of Europe.  At least some people are learning from past mistakes.  Spiteful

Oh, and does the Torie's gutlessness remind you of some other party over here, which is charting basically the same course with our future?

Here's just one more example of what I am saying about the Brits: London Police Chief Celebrates Diversity — Of Those Killed In Terror Attack!

Quote:Dick, who took over the department in April, pointed out that the victims were British, French, Australian, Canadian, and Spanish.

"In terms of our witnesses that we've spoken to so far, out of the 300-odd people, there are about 20 different countries of origin. And the London British population comes from all kinds of backgrounds and every kind of faith and ethnicity," she told the Associated Press.

"We believe of course that that's what makes our city so great," she said. "It's a place where the vast majority of time it's incredibly integrated and that diversity gives us strength."

Of course, it took the readers to get the priorities correct, with what really counts here: the diversity of the ones doing the killing.

Click to Enlarge

At the same time, you are a supporter of the relationship with Saudi Arabia who has paid with lots of our cash and all our military protection for the evangelization of Muslims with this hate filled version of Islam.
European leaders see the influx of muslims as a way to increase economic growth through population growth and as a voters reserve. While the US leaders see Islam as a reserve of oil, cash and military bases.
The West is feeding its own ennemy.

The case of UK is even worse since they do it both ways. Today the mayor of London is muslim.
[Image: sub-mrz061417-color_1_orig.jpg]

Yes, it's a real mess in UK since they have called the Brexit poll.
They have no majority and no plan yet at the eve of the negociations.
It will be either a no-deal divorce which will kick the UK out of the EU's free trade zone or it will be a revisited Brexit like no Brexit at all. If the Brits want to stay inside the free-trade zone, they will have to agree with a deal which will be almost the same as staying in the EU.

The hard Brexit was very likely until recently. But with May losing, the policy might change. Poeple start to understand that they don't want to lose all the advantages while having only disadvantages.

The idea behind the Brexit was that the EU will always beg for them staying as closely as possible to membership and will offer all kinds of special deals.

They never expected the EU to be so though. The EU just told them the next day that the UK has to accept EU's conditions else no deal. Oh, and by the way the UK owe us 80 billion. Don't want to pay? Ok, so no deal too.

Later the EU gleefuly engaged in programs the UK vetoed before, like common defense. The EU suddenly felt more free without Britain.

It didn't work as planned.
Fred, that's not what caused it. It was her lack of wisdom, when she decided to turn away from the Terrorism issue, and say that she was going to concentrate on Brexit. That was the most politically brain dead thing she could possibly do.

What they probably need is Boris at the helm.

And yet one more example why the EU is continuing to commit political and ethnic suicide. But fortunately, there are some members who are not playing along.

The EU threatens Poland for not accepting Muslim refugees — here’s how they responded
Quote:The European Union is so dedicated to the relocation of Muslim refugees from the Middle East to Europe that it is threatening members who don’t participate with economic sanctions. Poland answered the threat with a defiant message.
“Poland also draws attention to its involvement and stabilising role along the EU’s eastern border,” the statement continued. “In 2016, Poland took in over a million migrants and refugees from Ukraine and the East, thus easing the migrant pressure on other EU countries.”

“We would also like to emphasise that no EU member state has so far fulfilled its commitments stemming from the 2015 relocation decisions,” it said. “We reiterate our position that migration policy falls within the competence of nation states.”

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban responded similarly to threats of economic sanctions from the EU, saying that they “will not give in to blackmail from Brussels and we reject the mandatory relocation quota.”

JL Wrote:Fred, that's not what caused it.
No? Realy? Just read these facebook comments:

[Image: 19274803_1076184075816934_84658190547001...e=59DC62B0]

also read the manifesto for this petition:
Quote:The government called an election to get a massive mandate for hard Brexit, but instead, it lost its majority. Now, as the French and German governments have confirmed that the UK can reverse Article 50, and it becomes clear that a ‘no deal’ Brexit would have devastating consequences for Britain, we call on you to commit to rescinding Article 50 if we fail to reach a deal with Europe."

Completely off topic but I'll reply to it anyway because it's funny...
Poland Wrote:“In 2016, Poland took in over a million migrants and refugees from Ukraine
---> Non-muslim don't count as migrants. It requires no effort! Gah

There is a saying here:
Quote:Lithuanians are afraid to have to take migrants.
Migrants are afraid to be relocated in Lithuania
(Lithuania took, what, 20 migrant families in a gesture of good will.)

But, no, John. This is, on the contrary what is saving Europe.
In the EU you have a massive pack of nations which is strongly against muslim immigration and this is weighting heavily. East european countries have growing influence as their economy are growing. France and Germany can't ignore their opinions. And this is going to change things since it's largely the untold opinion of all europeans, also in western Europe.
The only difference is that in western Europe the political class don't reflect the opinion of the poeple in this matter while in the east, they do (but only on this matter, let's not idealize).

It means that they face a east european political class which is supposting the ideas of the west european population, these ideas that they are trying to conceal and to ignore.

Thanks to the EU, we have Poland, Czechia and Hungary and many others telling what to do.

Just to tease you a bit more: link

David Davis Wrote:We are ... determined to build a strong and special partnership between ourselves, our European allies and friends
So why aren't you staying with us, your ashole??? Gah
LOL That's too much! Long live the Queen!
Yep, this is shaping up to be a very interesting century, and the world downsizes.

Why Brexit and Catalonia Could Rekindle Scotland’s Independence Movement

Quote:EDINBURGH, Scotland—Scottish nationalists’ dreams of independence from the United Kingdom have gotten a fresh set of legs due to the tandem effects of Catalonia’s ongoing gambit for independence from Spain, and Britain’s floundering, ongoing Brexit negotiations.

“We are seeing a developing disaster, in my view, with the Brexit negotiations,” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, a member of the Scottish National Party, or SNP, told a Scottish news program on Monday. “And the case for Scotland taking control of our own future, having the decisions that shape our future in our own hands, in my view, gets stronger by the day.”

[Image: umzd82cg7psz.png]

Poland is EU’s BIGGEST THREAT: Eurocrat warns it will be DOWNFALL of EU - more than Brexit

Quote:European Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska said Poland has “abdicated” its role as leader of Europe’s eastern bloc as it fails to compromise on controversial domestic and judicial reforms.

Europe is facing a crisis over the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party’s plans to change how judges are hired and fired, that critics warn will give ministers too much political sway over the courts.

Brussels say it contravenes European law and has even threatened to suspend Poland’s voting rights.

As tensions threaten to boil over, eurocrats threatened to trigger Article 7 and temporarily boot the country off the European Council. The punishment would be unprecedented as it is the first time the measure has ever been used.

What so many in the EU bureaucracy fail to understand is that Poland is only a manifestation of the true cause of all this trouble. The true cause is that a country's citizenry want to have more of a say in their own destiny than be ruled from someone unknown, and far away. Hungry and the Czechs have followed suit, and that is just the beginning. And true to form, the tighter the bureaucrats try to hold on to power the more control they will lose in the "push back"

38 Special- Hold On Loosely

"And my mind goes back to a girl I left some years ago,
Who told me
Just Hold On Loosely
But don't let go
If you cling to tightly
You're gonna lose control"


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