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Nigel Farage, UKIP and EU Membership
JL Wrote:But in the EU, your speech is highly regulated and it must be politically correct, or there will be trouble.
Yes, don't even get me started. Our governements don't want us to tell things about certain topics. Yet the flow of comments start to grow beyond the possibility of control. Our technocrats are fortunately always one war behind.

In France they started a test when they send fake CVs to companies, one with an european name, the other with an arab name. And they will jauge discrimination against muslims.
WFT? If someone doesn't want a muslim in his business? It's his right. Muslims are the most discriminating poeple in the world, they just get the pill of their own medecine.

Many things like that.

But again, this has nothing to do with the EU. National, local governements down to municipalities are doing these things regularly.
The EU is just one more place where they can act. Not the only place where they act.
I think that against tech giants, they have better chance to get a few billions if they take it at the EU level. A tech giant can always say f*ck to a single country. But it can't say so to the entire EU. So they pay.
Newt Gingrich's new novel, "Treason", shows much of the Muslim world's planned methods for infiltrating the world of infidels. He does avoid all the CAIR lawsuits, by calling the Islamic plotters and planners OIR. The end of the book leaves us in a cliffhanger with three billion dollars worth of oil being traded for something from North Korea that will destroy four major US cities.
Hammond, UK's finance minister Wrote:a transition could be used to phase in the terms of a deal successfully negotiated during the two-year divorce period, or to bridge the lack of a final settlement.

Brexit Schedule Summary:
- march 2017: beginning of negociations
- march 2019: end of negotiations (EU want october 2018! LOL: Won't happen.)
- april 2019: start of Transition Period
- complete Brexit: ever???
Seems like everyone wants in on this Fred.

Is Brexit trigger reversible? Irish court case planned

Of course that it's reversible! They can always rejoin the EU. Things are not static.
But the establishment wants to meet a popular demand and fears of backlash if they don't.
And also there is pressure by the US-UK trade deal lobby.

Y! News Wrote:His case will also seek to determine whether leaving the EU means Britain automatically leaves the European Economic Area (EEA).
IMO that's what they will do. A Brexit with the least consequence possible.
[Image: Original-Brexit-copy.jpg?w=600]

What is this signature scene?
(01-01-2017, 08:47 AM)Fredledingue Wrote: What is this signature scene?

Fred, I've forgotten the name of the painter, who painted that scene in 1818.  But it represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Britain on July 4th, 1776.  

The gathering was in Philadelphia, at what is now called Independence Hall.  And the representatives were afraid the British might bust it up and arrest them.  Note that the curtains are all pulled so nobody could see into the room.

As the image states, this was the very first Brexit in history.  S22

Canada's Brexit was January 1st, 1947 when we ceased being British Subjects.
'It's not who votes that matters, it's who counts the votes'  |  György Schwartz, Budapest, Hungary
A funny thing about that first Brexit--if the American Revolution had been left up to popular vote, we'd still be ruled by Britain.
(12-31-2016, 10:46 AM)John L Wrote: [Image: Original-Brexit-copy.jpg?w=600]

John Trumbull's famous painting is often identified as a depiction of the signing of the Declaration, but it actually shows the drafting committee presenting its work to the Congress
[Image: 15937256_10155819487974625_7086184328719...e=59076E83]
Fred, this should get your juices flowing. S22

Europe’s right-wing populist leaders to confer in Germany

I predict an interesting four years ahead, world wide no less. Spiteful

Farage newest Foxnews commentator.

Quote:Farage repeatedly praised Trump, describing him as “the only person I have ever met in my life who makes me feel like an introvert” and saying that “Brexit is great, but Trump is Brexit plus plus plus”.
(01-20-2017, 07:18 PM)WmLambert Wrote: Farage newest Foxnews commentator.

Quote:Farage repeatedly praised Trump, describing him as “the only person I have ever met in my life who makes me feel like an introvert” and saying that “Brexit is great, but Trump is Brexit plus plus plus”.

Oh Shit! This is going to ruin Fred's day. Shock

You know what? I don't care. Gah

The fascists are wrong. There won't be any domino effect from the Brexit. The EU is steadier than ever.

Everytime you have a crisis or a referendum against the EU, a few years later Europe became stronger. Pro-european feeling is still strong. There were more protestors outside the venue than those who attended.

It's also wrong to link Trump to the European Far Right despite many similarities. Those who does so forget that this is America. America has always been very nationalist while openminded at the same time. In the US it's just normal to love your country, to wave its flag.
In the US, saying "The Nation First!" is just one of many slogans you hear at every presidential campain, and it doesn't mean a thing.
In Europe, a politician who would say that would look completely nuts. the connotation is very different.

I think Trump wants to take care mostly of domestic affairs, but will get a hard wakening once he will be confronted with real european governements' representatives. He's going to learn quickely.

The same for LePen, she is going to learn quickely that Trump and Farrage are not the leader of a new movement. Trump has no movement, it's just GOP as usual. Last times we had Reps at the White House, the shockwave were of similar order.
And farrage a nodoby made famous thanks to a single pole campain against the EU which just half-succeeded (half of the British voted to stay).
If Marine LePen puts her hopes on these two ones, she is in for a disapointment.

The Fascist parties are strong in Europe, but in every country, they are for a single common reason and for another local-specific reason.
Local-specific reasons are, among others, separatism in Flanders and Itlay. You are alread conflicting with the idea of strong sovereign nation of Lepen.

The common reason is fear of Islam. Suffices that a non-fascist party speaks once against Islam and they are toast.
Fred, Farange is definitely NOT a Fascist here. I can't say the same for some of the other 'so called' far right leaders in Europe, who are really leftist Fascists. But not Farange. He is more a traditional Liberal, or Libertarian.

But in truth there is far more going on here than just the 'so called' Right wing nuts and Social Democrat bureaucrats and most current leaders in Europe. It all falling under the guise of "Globalism" and so many are thinking that anything that has to do with globalization is bad. Again I disagree. World trade is a form of Globalization that I heartily encourage. Its how the "haves" do business with the "have-nots", and everyone profits from it. Its how the Third World can become part of the First World. Unfortunately too many, including Trump by the way, totally misread what is happening.

But One More Time, I'll say this again for your benefit. As countries and individuals conduct business around the world, the more they come to value their own uniqueness and want to maintain that very uniqueness from becoming lost. And THAT is why the EU, and other larger entities are eventually doomed to failure. But the EU is just one of several in danger of being broken down to its Lowest Common Functional Denominator. I'm sorry my friend, but this is what is really driving this, and other groups are just riding along with the flow.

Sorry. Aww

British Prime Minister Theresa May is headed for the White House this Friday, in order to discuss future economic agreements for both countries.

Trump to discuss post-Brexit trade deal with UK next week

Quote:British Prime Minister Theresa May will visit President Donald Trump on Friday in his first meeting with a foreign leader, and she’s indicated the discussion will center on a future, post-Brexit trading relationship between England and the U.S.

May, following the late 2016 surprise decision by U.K. voters to leave the European Union, declared Britain “open for business,” and indicated that she is pursuing a clean break with the EU to allow the U.K. autonomy to strike its own international trade deals.

According to Bloomberg, May told BBC’s “Andrew Marr Show” that she is intending to build on the existing alliance between the U.S. and the U.K. to discuss not just a future trading relationship, but also common challenges the two countries face:

Ian Gunner, currency fund manager Wrote:"Anything that’s going to disrupt (the government’s plans to exit the EU) would be sterling-positive

head of EMEA research, Chris Turner Wrote:While the Supreme Court ruling that the parliament needs to approve Article 50 is probably in the price, should the Supreme Court (also) rule that parliament needs a say in the exit strategy details, sterling could get a further lift

a 90 percent probability that the Supreme Court will endorse the earlier ruling - drove sterling to $1.2495 on Monday, its highest against the dollar since Dec. 19

I hope that they can use that to delay the Brexit.

Today I made a wire transfer to, based in Germany, the invoice was sent by e-mail from Sweden and their bank is in London.
Now imagine London is not in the EU anymore... Poeple like me won't want to pay several dollars or pounds in banking fee instead of zero to 40 cents actualy. They also would want the transfer order to be executed instantly instead of after several working days.
It means that they will have to split their financial branch into two, just for Europe. One for the EU and quasi EU countries and the other for Brexited UK.

Now you have strong lobbyism from US interrests, helped by Trump who weights in for teh Brexit, and a trade deal with the UK.

it's funny that for Trump, international free trade is bad but a common market with the UK is all right...
Scotts should team up with Northern Irish.
If northern Ireland is out of the EU, it will means a border between north and south Ireland.
It will add yet one more absurdity to this Brexit.

And it will be bad for Southern Ireland too, inevitably. Why should this island be cut into two?

Because Trump wants the UK into his american Commonwealth?

Let's face it: that's what he is planning to. And May is accomplice.
She promised a soft Brexit, as soft as possible, almost invisible. Then as soon as Trump is president, she talks free market with him, and reject the free market with her natural neighbourgs.

Trump, Putin and their associates are lobbying for the destruction of the EU because they they don't like its growing power, its economic success, its size and its upcoming central military command.

It's like me coming to the US and tell the Congress that the only way out is for Detroit to leave the US Dollar and pay muni bounds with a new currency.
How would that sound? Wrote:This is not a policy of non-interference. The policy is to help oversee the break-up of the EU, using the bully pulpit of the presidency and the Breitbart website to do all they can to cheer on the populist forces across Europe. Victories for nationalist parties in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy this year would ensure the EU’s implosion, and as such are to be encouraged.

Nevertheless, a senior EU official said, leaders were formally studying the process by which an ambassador can be rejected.

Bob Withers from West Lothian, Scottland, Wrote:If Brexit turns out to be an utter disaster, as I think it will be, and Westminster politicians continue to tell lies to the Scottish people, as they are doing with a vengeance, you will find a change. (Nicola) Sturgeon is a very canny lass and she will go for a referendum when she thinks she can win.

A lot of my friends have changed sides (to support independence) since Brexit.

reuters Wrote:Some said they felt British Prime Minister Theresa May's comments last month that she would take Britain out of the EU single market, rather than seeking to retain some form of access, had betrayed Scots.

They said one reason Scots had rejected secession in 2014 was because they were told by unionist politicians it was the only way to guarantee Scotland's continued EU membership
link Wrote:The breakup of the UK now seems closer than ever before, perhaps inevitable whenever the formal break with the EU comes. It is hard to see pro-EU Scotland sticking with anti-EU England. This break will prompt the most profound questions for Northern Ireland since its establishment as a separate political entity from the rest of Ireland.

Central to the Northern Ireland peace settlement was a slow but inexorable process of making the border less important. Now it is about to get more important. That may not immediately threaten the peace process, but it certainly requires a resetting of the tri-partite relationships between Ireland, Britain and the North.

This will be a delicate process, to say the least of it, undertaken at a time when the two governments are dealing with multifaceted other challenges.

Some measure of preparation for today’s outcome has been going on in Dublin for some time. Ever since David Cameron announced that he would hold a referendum back in 2012, Irish officials and latterly ministers have regarded the prospect of a British exit from the EU as the worst thing that could happen the country.

More about North and South Ireland

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