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Christmass Ban
Somalia, Tajikistan and Brunei ban Christmas celebrations

The ban on Christmass and christmass trees, and even ldecorative lights is interresting because Christmass is only a semi-christian celebration.
Many, and more and more non-christians are celebrating it. That's why islamic governements don't like it, and fear it more than any other christian events.
I guess Christmas is one of the most attractive Western hollidays. As a Protestant, I don't frequent "masses," which are Catholic modes of worship. And we know the history, that it was really merchants who made the holiday popular in English-speaking countries. But Christmas is a nice time for family get-togethers, and many people seem to be in good spirits during the Christmas season. For most of us, Christmas is associated with snowy winters. Maybe that is part of its appeal to people who live in the desert.
They assume Christmas is a Christian oriented thing, but, it's become a secular thing in the west with santa and frosty, etc.

Moves like this are encouraging to me personally because I don't believe they would happen unless the local Islamic authorities did not fear their own people may be believing in Christ like the Gospels present Him.

Algeria did this a few years back.
Fortunately Iraq celebrate Christmass. But one of the reason is that it coincides with Muhamad's birthday too.

They rose a huge christmass tree in the center of Baghdad in defiance to ISIS.
It's interresting that they use it against a radical islamic group.
Christians don't care about what worship of Christ is associated with, He subsumes all His creation. Mohammad is going to worship Jesus himself at the eschaton, "every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is the Lord".

If the bible is accurate and I think it is , that quote is Paul's based on an Isaiah quote much the same.
Could the muslims take the habit of celebrating every year on the 25th of dec, from now on...?
This year Turkey championed the christmass ban fury with pro-Erdogan medias campaining agressively against Santa:

[Image: 15826397_10211106252310635_1092329886590...e=591DF8A5]


One santa was even held at gunpoint

They claim Santa Claus is not from their culture, the irony is that he is from Turkey...

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