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European Jihad - Paris, London, Brussels Terrorized
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Finlaly it pays off to have soldiers deployed at train stations...
Depressing as hell.  We have been looking at a trip in the future.  Bruges, from we have been reading was just the sort of awesome little place we had hoped to visit.  Great beer ... wonderful chocolate ... getting to see a relic where Christ's blood is supposed to be stored .... all sorts of wonderful art (Michelangelo's Madonna and Child) ... what's no to love? ... except for hearing it now being described as the "new Calais".  Crap.  Next trip will probably be something stateside and saving a few bucks ... until you guys can get this mess cleaned up.  And I'm thinking that might take a while.  If I was a chocolate shop owner in Bruges, I'd be really pi**ed off.
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken
Don't worry: Bruge and Zeebruge (I don't know if it's one or two "g" whatever the language) are two different places, separate by 30 miles. Zeebruge (Translation Sea-Bruge because it's on the sea) is a modern port and there is nothing to visit there unless you are a naval engineer.

You can visit Bruge safely, eat our famous mosle/belgian fries with a pint of local beer. S26
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