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Unbreakable, waterproof cellphones
I bought this one today! S5

[Image: B100-puddle_OFT9329-600x399.jpg]
CAT B-100

I didn't have time to test it toroughly. Just quickely noticed some disapointing things:
- The display area is very poorly used by the interface, wasting already precious pixels. Fonts for example are very small making hard to read without glasses.
- Eastethic sucks, and ringtones are terrible. Truely horrible ringtones.
They wanted to give it an viril, industrial, heavy duty look, yet it doesn't mean that you should make it as ugly as possible.
- It doesn't make use of colors while on a color screen. With such interface style, the display could have been LCD as well...
- It boasts GPS capability, ...yet I haven't figured out how it may work. No instruction about it whatsoever. According to some internet searches it's very complicated but not impossible. You need to download maps, apps and stuffs...
- Transfering contact datas resulted in duplicated entries which have to be manualy deleted. I don;t know if it happened only to me or to others too. The good point is that it did transfer the datas.
- Instructions inclosed in the box are realy minimal. You need to download a more complete pdf file from their website.

The good points:
- It's easy to use (save for GPS), standard Nokia style interface.
- It has many features you wouldn't expect on a dumbphone. In fact it's a smartphone disguised as a dumbphone. The screen size just doesn't allow you to use it as a smartphone, but the hardware behind it, would.
- Improved voice quality
- See specifications S5
Fred, that really looks like a good phone. Forget the smartphone part, unless you have a microscope.

I got to the point where I hated my HTV Vivid. The screen was only about 4.5" and just too small for my poor eyes. Besides, I don't carry a magnifying glass around.

So last week, I went one better. I took my phablet over to Cricket Wireless, got off AT&T's overpriced plans, and now I have a 7" tablet that is also a phone, and is just big enough with which to enjoy the internet. I'm paying for the $45 plan, which gives me unlimited calling, and texting, with 5 GBs internet access. And no contract.


Its a Dragon Touch E71 7'' Phablet. Its come down in price over the last month. They must be getting ready to come out with a new model soon. It big, but my hands can easily hold it when talking on the phone. This particular phablet has gotten great reviews, which impressed me. The number of "something-for-nothing" reviewers on Amazon, throwing around the one stars, are just tiny in comparison to the five stars. That's why I ordered it. It doesn't have 4G, but 3G is good enough for me right now. When they come out with a better replacement, I'll probably get it, since the price is not all that much. S22

And I can turn right around and get on the internet with just a touch. And best of all, I can see what I am trying to see. Spiteful

Your 7" phablet looks very nice. I would also enjoy this thing. But enjoying only, because I, personaly, realy don't need to carry internet with me everywhere I go. Once a day (or once a nigh shoudl I say) is enough for me.

I wanted a mobilephone I can hold and dial with one hand (so that I can lazily let the other one in my pocket).
It's almost impossible to do this with touch screen. I also wanted a phone small enough to put it in my pocket. And one which won't fear shocks and water.

I knew multimedia won't be an astounding experience with it. But I don't care. I'm not watching movies on my cell phone.

Yet I didn;t expect such horrible interface, with truck engine noise as ringtone and grey stones as background.
Poeple who designed this interface are realy idiots.

Why would poeple who work in an environement full of excavators, trucks and cranes want motor sound as a ringtone. The best way to miss every calls! Gah

And the font is so tiny, it's even not funny.

But ok, I got used to it.

There was a large screen model (smartphone type), but it was €170 more expansive. I didn't want to put €320 in a phoneset.
Fred, the Dragon Touch has a good screen. Any better resolution on a small tablet is really overkill. I'm still slowly learning Android 4.4 as I go. The battery also seems to be holding up nicely, and I don't have to worry about keeping it plugged in all the time for recharging.

One negative is the reception quality. My old HTC had better sound quality for calls coming in. The phablet has less high frequency and more midrange, so its a little harder for me to understand the caller. It could be due to the fact that I am not used to holding it properly, but I still think the sound quality is not as good.

Oh, one other thing. This phablet is set up for a right handed person. I'm a leftie, and when I hold the phablet with my left hand, my fingers naturally wrap around the edge where the volume controls are located. I tend to wind up turning down the volume without realizing it. For once, I wish the makers would make a Left Handed instrument that we lefties could feel completely comfortable using. S4

Before all this is over, I may eventually fall back to a dedicated phone, that is also able to tether with tablets. My HTC Vivid didn't have that WiFi tethering capability, so I couldn't use it to slave a tablet to it. It would be nice to be able to whip out a larger tablet, or a laptop and use it anywhere I went. Add a bluetooth headset to take incoming calls, and I would be set up nicely. S22

I often hold my cellphone with my "wrong" hand. Do the same! S5

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