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The Burning Man Festival
Some complaining about the rich guys bringing in their creature comfort stuff.
Here's the biggest project yet. From what I heard on the video, this is not going to be moved, but also used next year, when it will be completed.

Big Imagination 747 Project Crowdfunding Video

Have a Gneiss Day!
Orgy time. I can imagine there are more guys than girls heading in this thing:
A couple of things peaked my interest in this years Burning Man 2017.  The first was the Tree of Ténéré.

Tree of Ténéré - Burning Man 2017

And the other thing was the staggering number of abandoned bicycles left at the site.  

Approximately 5,000 bikes apparently abandoned at 'leave no trace' Burning Man

[Image: rsz_21586800_10155686732358535_424021632...7480_o.jpg]
Have a Gneiss Day!
Its that time of year again, and for some reason it just doesn't hold my attention like it used to do.  I believe this is Year 30 of the event, which began on the San Fran beach for a few years before moving to Nevada.  I remember seeing some things about this event in the 90s, but really paid no attention to it until around 2005, or so.  

That's when I started admiring all the artistic creations, and the "Road Warrior" aspect of the thing.  Back then it was much smaller than it is today.  And that may be the eventual undoing of the thing.  Its becoming too commercialized these days IMO.  The one thing that caught my attention most was a RinoVehicle that I had seen many years ago.  I went back and noticed that the vehicle had changed a bit as time went along.  Here is this years RhinoVehicle.

[Image: 1024x1024.jpg]

Did the original Mad Max movies inspire Burning Man in any way?

I usually spend a bit of time on PJ Media, and the fellows there are coming out with videos on a regular basis.  Well, here they are discussing Burning Man.  And I thought they would be talking it down, but I was surprised.  In fact, they seemed to mirror my thinking and the many good points of this festival, because it unlocks the creativity in people, and allows them to make up their own rules on how the festival is run.  The video review is well worth the time taken to watch it, and the speculation of the original founders going back to basics at a new place in order to bring back the original intent.  

The Pros and Cons of Burning Man

This 1996 article was discussing the aspects of it becoming too big even back then.

Where the Wild Things Are: Amid a ragtag tent city in the searing Nevada desert, 10,000 free spirits party till they drop at the Burning Man Festival. But is the party too popular?
Have a Gneiss Day!

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