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Manly Tools
There have been tool posts ... but I'm not sure if there is a tools thread. Anyway, I have steel spinner targets and have been wanting to make them 'safe' ... i.e. cut the top small target off to make them more of a 'gong' (bullet frags go into the dirt rather than the sky) for a while. I mentioned wanting to find a welding shop that would do small torch cutting work and he told me to bring 'em over.

I thought he had a torch set up ... but he had this bad boy. It took all of about a minute per target ... who knew? 3/8" steel plate. When my birthday came up and the question came up, there was only one answer. We had a steel (thought it was iron, but after cutting, pretty sure it was steel) umbrella stand that we couldn't use for years because our patio table support was too low. Cut it "like budda". Now it and the umbrella are installed ... instead of the half-assed coffee can fulla sand. Milwaukee sells a blade called "The Torch" ... and pretty much acts like one. I gotta do demo and rebuild on my back deck before winter. They also sell blades for wood with embedded nails. When I finally get motivated ... probably next month ... this will make for a much easier job.
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I think I've used my sawzall several times for cutting metal, but usually the metal is fixed and in place. Generally, if I have metal that needs cutting, I use the angle grinder.

I use that angle grinder quite a bit, because I need to cut threaded rods to size. I use ten foot threaded rods, which I get from Lowes. They fit into a small pocket at the bottom of a Roman shade, which gives it weight and keeps the bottom straight. But I do all my cutting outside, because of the sparks it makes. S26



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