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Desmond Doss
Finally, somebody is going to make a movie about this extraordinary individual. Other than perhaps Audie Murphy, I can't think of anyone else, who deserves the Medal of Honor more. Mel Gibson is getting back in the producer roll to make a movie about this unbelievable person.

I've always been fascinated with Desmond Doss, ever since reading about him in a WWII book about heroes, as I was growing up. The name has a certain jingle to it, so its easy to remember. But it was his refusal to fight, while at the same time willingness to go to war that grabbed my interest.

Ron ought to know all about this man.


Now that's a great man. I did not know the SDA taught pacifism. Personally, I disagree with that interpretation, but, this is how you handle a tough personal decision in war times as an honorable, self sacrificial Christian.

On reflection, I think most we Christians are way too quick to support war efforts. Just don't think pacifism is a proper interpretation is all.
I just finished watching the entire documentary, and many times I choked up,just listening to the still living witness to his actions. If you haven't watched this video, you don't know what you are missing.

Also, there is no way at all that Mel Gibson can overly exaggerate what he did. Most movies tend to do this, but for the life of me, unless Gibson has him personally capturing the escarpment and taking the Japanese commander prisoner, he just can't fake his accomplishments.

Have only watched the first 30 minutes, but, it is an awesome story already.

I bet Gibson does a great job with this story.
(07-31-2015, 10:37 AM)Palladin Wrote: Have only watched the first 30 minutes, but, it is an awesome story already.

I bet Gibson does a great job with this story.

The second half will keep you amazed at what this guy was able to accomplish. By the time he finished, everybody including those who wanted him out of the army, were singing his praise. Its hard to be hard when someone risks his life to save yours, no matter the past. That's why Christianity is always going to win out in the end.

Yea, there's actually a ton of theological significance in this man's life. He's got a great eternal future.

The fact he went against the dominant culture and was willing to suffer for it is beyond impressive.
Yes, I met him in person about 10-12 years ago, when he visited the Troy, Michigan Seventh-day Adventist Church. He died in 2006. Doss is the only Conscientious Objector to receive the Medal of Honor. Doss, an unarmed medic, carried or dragged dozens of wounded soldiers (the Army says 100 men) from a field of fire still under attack by Japanese, and lowered them down an escarpment (the Maeda Escarpment on Okinawa) with a rope to safety. Later, a former Japanese soldier said he had Doss in his gunsight, but his gun would not fire. Here is a picture of President Harry Truman awarding the MOH to Doss:


Quote:For five hours Doss lowered soldier after soldier down the face of the escarpment, using little more than a tree stump to wind the top edge of the rope around. Throughout the five hours Desmond had only one thought. He prayed, "Lord, help me get one more. Just ONE more!" How many men Doss saved that day, only God knows. One hundred and fifty-five soldiers went up the escarpment that day, and only 55 were able to retreat without assistance. The Army determined the consci[enti]ous objector who had almost been court martialed or discharged as unfit for military service, had saved 100 lives.

This happened on May 5, 1945--which was a Saturday, the day that Doss regarded as the Sabbath. After his heroic accomplishment, Doss cleaned up as well as he could, and went off by himself to read his Bible and then rest, utterly exhausted. Doss said he could work seven days a week as a medic, because Jesus healed on the Sabbath.

Was his CO status a personal thing or is this SDA doctrine?
Most SDAs who were drafted claimed conscientious objector status. It is advocated by the church, but not required. Most SDAs considered themselves to be "conscientious co-operators," because SDAs would serve in the military, they just would not carry weapons. Usually they served as medics. This differentiates SDAs from Jehohah's Witnesses, who refused to serve in the military at all, and usually wound up being assigned to several years of public service. Personally, when I was drafted, I did not claim CO status. I believed that communism was evil, and the forces of tyranny in Vietnam needed to be opposed, and I decided I would carry a gun. However, I had a history of asthma, and had been hospitalized with pneumonia four times by the time I was eight years old, so I was given a 1-Y status, which later was changed to 4-F when the 1-Y status was eliminated. I felt some relief about that, because I might have made it hard for other SDAs who were drafted who wanted to abide by the church's recommendation that they claim CO status. Someone might have pointed to my example, and challenged other SDAs why they had to be COs. Still, I would have carried a gun if inducted into the army. God approved of David and other Israelites who fought against their enemies. I felt the VietCong and the North Vietnamese regular army were enemies of God. I still believe there is a time when God calls upon those who are faithful to be warriors.

Where I'm at right now with this issue is I would agree to serve and kill in specific cases, but, I would not join the army with the idea of taking any orders to kill anyone at the whim of others.

I am in between your view and the JWs. I admit, I am not loyal to the USA because I feel like I cannot be and remain loyal to Christ. The state sometimes has demands that are antithetical to Christ and all do, so I am not loyal. To be so is nonsense anymore to me.

At the same time, I desire the best for this country( and all others) and would take up arms in specific cases and believe it is our role to pray for our leaders and obey the laws until they violate God's. It's a weird experience for me as I once thought it evil not to be patriotic.
A friend of mine, a commercial artist by the name of Jim Pinkoski, posted this update on the Desmond Doss Movie (which is being titled Hacksaw Ridge):

Quote:Back on August 5th I was contacted by Nicholas Cole who works on the production team for the Hacksaw Ridge movie:

Quote:I'm part of the production team for a new feature film called Hacksaw Ridge, which is being made in Sydney, Australia. I write to you today with regard to certain artworks by Harry Anderson which we are hoping might be available for use in our film...

I gave him the contact information he requested, and I really hope to see some of Harry Anderson's art in the Desmond Doss movie!
Link for Jim Pinkoski's post:

Harry Anderson was a famous SDA artist (a member of the Illustrator's Hall of Fame), who was known for painting almost everything from imagination, without using models. Examples:

.jpg   prince-of-peace.jpg (Size: 25.14 KB / Downloads: 17)    
.....Title: What Happened to Your Hand?.....................Title: Prince of Peace

Anderson's paintings had a lot of warmth and animation. He was regarded as a specialist at painting children.

Link for website Jim Pinkoski set up to display the art of Harry Anderson:

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