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Sharing Some of My Projects & things of Interest
Here's a sliding barn door I completed for hanging in the showroom of one of my designer client friends.





The problem with these type doors is that if one is not careful, the doors can warp over time. I learned this the hard way last month, when I took the door over to the client, in order to get her input. I left it there for a week, and when I returned, Oh My G-d, one side had begun warping.

The store was climate controlled and low humidity, while I had put this together in my outside basement deck work area. So it began drying out, and I had not permanently finished the piece. So, back it went for an almost total rebuild.

First make of the door front


Side view

About Coronavirus - “Suddenly I begin to understand why Charlie gets so excited over taking a walk outside.”
Yeah, warping is one reason why I hate wood work. I don't realy hate but I don't feel talented for that. My biggest problem is that I'm unable to cut wood with precision no matter how careful I am.
But don't worry it also happen when welding iron... I had to learn metal work for some project and it was a nightmare of constant deformations and recalibrating...

More on this project later but it's too much to even start to talk about it now with you...
The study of warping wood has been thoroughly examined in museums all over the world. Many famous works can only be displayed in hermetically sealed cases. The only fix I know of is to use materials from the same environment where it will be used.

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