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Disaster Addiction And Global Warming
OH HOO.....!!  Shock   Say it isn't so Joe.  I suppose the 'official' temperatures didn't go back to the '30s, did they?  Well, scouring around for more news on all this and lo and behold I found this over at The Deplorable Climate Science Blog.  Everybody forgets about the early-mid 1930s, when the Dust Bowl was tearing up central US, west of the Mississippi.

Quote:1934 : 100 Degrees In Alaska

On July 26, 1934, thirty states (including Alaska) were over 100 degrees.  The only state which didn’t make it above 90 degrees was Rhode Island. Many people died, and Dayton, Ohio never cooled below 80 degrees over a two day period.

[Image: 2019-07-05125056-down.png]

[Image: 2019-07-05151823.png]

Well, here's the temperatures of the lower 48 during that time in the 1930s

[Image: US_07261934-1024x553.jpg]
[Image: US_07261930-1024x553.jpg]
[Image: US_07261931-1024x553.jpg]

On July 14, 1915 – Juneau, Alaska was 90 degrees

[Image: 2019-07-05125422-down.png]
Have a Gneiss Day!
Does Tony Heller have these Global Warming folks pegged, or what? S22
Corrupt scientists, colluding with corrupt politicians have been broadcasting this Climate Lie for decades now, and fortunately for everyone else, its not working in the long run. And just wait until this Grand Solar Minimum really takes hold. It will be interesting to see how they spin things in a couple of years. S13

This Is What Climate Propaganda Looks Like

Have a Gneiss Day!
Oh Man, if this doesn't get the AGW kooks climbing the walls and howling at night, nothing will.  

New high temperature records set in Alaska (again) as heat wave is set to relinquish grip

And just look at those records at Fairbanks and Ft. Yukon.  While living in Anchorage, Alaska, during six summers, it sometimes passed the 80F level, but nowhere close to those records on the map below.  Wow!  Shock

[Image: ?url=http%3A%2F%2Faccuweather-bsp.s3.ama...horage.jpg]
Have a Gneiss Day!

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