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Mad Max
I think you are correct on the "PlayPretty." When I attended the University of Michigan Art School, I was amazed by how many accepted students there had spent their entire High School careers taking art classes but having little or no talent. Since the beginning of the Impressionists, students can put together portfolios of their work, without ever revealing that they can't draw.

CGI enables techies to produce animation. A Techie who doesn't know how anatomy works often invents things that look right to his/her eyes, but makes someone like me wince. When Peter Jackson made LOTR, he didn't just let some game-designer invent umages - he took Andy Serkis, put sensors on him - and made imagery from real live action.

When Disney made Bambi, he had real deer and bunny rabbits in the offices where his animators could immerse themselves in the reality of them. They studied water droplets in super slow motion the same way - so they could learn how to draw them. When Picasso drew Guernica, he made the cow unreal - but he had done his homework and showed he knew how to draw realistically during his Blue Period. When he drew unreal - it was because he wanted to show something other than real - not because he couldn't.

There is some CGI which is spectacular - and some that is not. I don't dismiss it in general at all - but I do judge what I believe to be bad art and good art. George Miller and Peter Jackson have a much better chance of getting it right than many others.
John,... this actress, with such a big mouth, she plays the dinausor, does she? S5

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