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IE Bites The Dust
If you are an Internet Explorer user, firstly shame on you, and secondly you'd better think about switching to another browser.


I don't know what they expect by changing the name... a failure will always be a failure... and this will surely be one again. They just want to show that the next browser will be different than IE 10 which was a huge POS.

They did the same with Windows: Logicaly the next Windows version had to be 9, but to mark the difference with the spectacularly failed W8, they had decided to name the next version Windows 1... until they realized that there has been already a windows version named like that so they decided to name it Windows 10.

Maxthon 3 and Maxthon Cloud are also two POS. They removed everything that made previous versions interresting (and superior to other browsers).

Firefox is slowly going down the same route.

Opera is not developed anymore.

My best choice is still K-Meleon.
"...they decided to name it Windows 10."

Uh, it should be Windows 11 (binary) which would be the 3rd iteration of Windows, 1-3 being the first, 95-8 being the second.

I know you think you understand what you thought I said,
but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!
(03-30-2015, 08:43 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: Opera is not developed anymore.

That's news to me Fred. I am using both the older(12.17) and the newer(28.0.1750.48) editions. I don't really like the newer type better, because they are still tinkering with it, and haven't worked out a lot of bugs yet.

I guess I am just spoiled with the old version. S11

John, I only heardsay (or readsay) that it was abandonned (last update 2 years ago or something), but you can check it out for yourself as you are using it.

It seems that all new browsers are going to way of Google Chrome: Using this ugly as hell flat smartphone style, and more importantly very minimal options if the settings menu is not completely removed.

To drive the wild road of the Web I like to have in front of me a wide, complete and complicated dashboard to regulate everything that reaches my computer. The most importants but not exclusively being turning on and off Javascript and managing the add blocker list.

Today, with the new versions, the only options you get is to open an online account and choose the language.
Fred, that's why I still rely on the older version 12, which is periodically updated. I'm still trying to get used to the newer Version 28, but its slow in coming.

And I agree with you about not being able to control the browser. I too don't care for the knocked down style of what is coming out lately.

But then again, I have no real love for my smartphone. Its just too small and difficult to go on the web. That's why I am going to order a Phablet. Right now, my first choice is the Dragon Touch E70, which has a 7" screen. Tablet Express, who makes and sells Dragon Touch, is quickly acquired a cult following with the Amazon crowd. And if you have ever spent much time on Amazon, you know about the whacko reviewers there, who are "1 star" nuts. So any product that garners such favorability has got to have something going for it. Its not top of the line, but the price is fantastic, and does what I would want it to do. But most of all, the screen is big enough for me to enjoy surfing the net.

[Image: E70.jpg]

I'd really rather have this larger one, the brand new Dragon Touch E97 9.7'', but its just too big to fit on my belt and be able to walk around with it comfortably. Its got a great price as well.

Some of last year's models have over 2,500 reviews and it rates a solid four out of five rating. And that is really saying something, coming from Amazon.

I still didn't enter the smartphone age yet. I'm still with a prehistoric cellphone with a black and green display.
This for two reasons:
- Everytime I bought a last high-tech model, it was inevitably broken, stolen, lost, fell in water etc after a few weeks. This one, I kept it 10 years or something of that effect.

- At first poeple were laughing at me... now they ask me with envy: How long does the battery lasts on such a phone? Answer: two weeks. (ok 10 days to be honest!)

I often thought about buying a new one, but I noticed that I don't realy need it. I lived without a smartphone before, and live as well without now. I don;t need all these apps. And frankly I have no time for this.

The only thing I would like is a smartphone with a decent camera on it. I have seen models with a telescopic lens on the backside. I want something like this to use it as a photo camera at the same time. I'm not very happy with the tiny lens of normal smartphones.

Using Skype would be cool too, especialy when traveling beyond the border where normal phone call costs skyrocket.

Getting bus/trains/planes timetable can be useful too.

But nothing compelling.

While e-mail, watching movies or surfing the web, no way! I can't already stand a large size laptop. I need my large desktop keyboard with number pad, my wired mouse (can't stand wireless stuffs, always consume batteries), a screen which is part of the house furniture, and a good armchair.

Now my daughter is 12 YO and she has already a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone. She is using at least two of the three devices at the same time unless we confiscate them (then she manages to play secretely with the smalest one). None of these things were given by me...

I asked her for advice for my next purchase... S5
My advice would be to get a Phablet. Its fairly big, but it can still go on your belt and you can get around with it. That way you have more than just a phone. Phablets are a Big Deal in the Orient. Almost everybody there owns one, and can be seen with one in their hands. We are just finally beginning to catch on here in the US.

Just don't get an expensive one. That one up above is an ideal candidate, if you can find it in Europe. But there are others that are inexpensive and can do almost everything the top end can do.

Yes, I'm tempted to buy one but I decided that it will rather replace a laptop.
(which I don't have at the moment because I always lived with a woman who had one and there is no women living with me at the moment. I do have a G/F but her laptop broke down + she doesn't live with me)

As a mobile phone it's to big to hold with one hand. Even smartphone are a bit too wide for one hand use. Only the smaller older model can be used with one hand confortably.

As a laptop, it would be much more useful to me.. when I will need a laptop. ...Or a GPS! This is perfect for me because I always found laptops too bulky to carry around especialy during air travels.

I'm just worry that it's not possible to connect external devices as easily as on a laptop (scanner, ext HDD, printers etc)... How do you install a driver on an OS which is neither Windows or Mac?

Ironicaly it's the lower income poeple who use and own smartphone and tablets the most. That's why many poeple in Asia (China) and in eastern Europe and I guess everywhere there are low income poeple, these things are so popular.
The reason is that few of these poeple own a real computer and a cable connection. Many of them already had a PC but it's either obsolete or broken, so they bought a smartphone to replace it. That's the case of my G/F. But I said "Wait, you do have a desktop PC and cable internet!", but she didn't have the ethernet cable to connect both, neither the knowledge that she can do so.

Also first connected device poeple will rather choose the fashion looking, cool stuff which do everything, without knowing the advantages of more specific tools. It was like that with laptops vs desktops, now it's smartphones and tablets vs laptops (desktops are not even in the equation anymore).

I never wanted a laptop because it's a nightmare as soon as you need hardware or software repair. Tablets/Phablets are much cheaper so it's less a tragedy if it breaks down. And because it's small and lighter it breaks down less often too.

I don't know about software risks...
There are some reasonably priced Windows based tablet/notebook 2n1's that provide a good compromise.

I bought the ASUS T100TAM primarily because I wanted something to mess with the Windows 8 touch screen.

So far it is just fine for my purposes.
I know you think you understand what you thought I said,
but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!
I haven't gone in that direction. But those handheld things are looking more and more attractive every day. When I do get one of those new-fangled things, I would want a USB port. Maybe two. That would allow you to interface and transport data anywhere. I still use a desktop computer, but my printer is connected via a USB port. And my scanner. And my WiFi internet connection. (With only two USB ports, I have to disconnect my printer when I'm using my scanner. But it's just a matter of unplugging and plugging in.) Another great thing with USB ports--thumb drives can hold a huge amount of data, which means it is easy to transfer entire file systems from one computer to another, or at least backup your entire documents file and picture file, etc.
Incidentally, I just ordered that phone tablet above. It was out of stock last week, but is back in stock, but for over $6 more. Rats! But I'm still getting it.

There are a couple of reasons why I am getting it. First, whenever I want to show someone(most likely a client) something, that stupid little screen SUCKS,....Big Time. Its a pain in the ass. The 7" screen is a minimum, but it still works far better than the rinky dink smart phone. Second, I intend to drop my AT&T account and go to the pay as you go subscription system, either "Straight Talk", or "Cricket Wireless. I've been to see both already, and discussed their plans in detail with a local rep. They're both good and offer nice plans. But most importantly they are GSM carriers, which is a critical issue.

I'm currently spending about $80/month for my AT&T account, and over $50/month on my Roadrunner cable internet. For well over half that price, I can have an unlimited no contract account that is 4G and do all of this on one pay-as-you-go/no contract system. I just need to purchase a 'Hot Spot" for my home, and I have 4G wireless on my property. When I travel, my phablet will pick up, or broadcast, on its own. And if I have a larger tablet, which has WiFi, it will also hook up to the phablet. And all unlimited for less than $65/month.

I have a laptop, but never turn it on, or use it at this time. But I know I will definitely use my desktop AND my tablet on a regular basis.

Ron, make yourself a favor and buy for $5 an USB port extention (either internal: connected on a special slot on the motherboard or external: connected to one of your existing USB slot. The motherboard based extention may be more performant/recommanded. That's why you ahd a desktop for: to add devices inside it.)

I definetly think that a tablet or anything pretending to be a portable computer should come with USB ports and allows easy connections with external devices such as scanners, printers and external hard drives and of course memory sticks.
I don't think I would by a tablet which doesn't allows that.
Thanks, Fred. I didn't know you could get a USB extension. I've had my computer open before, when I added more memory. But I'm not so sure about where the jack would be located, since the front of my computer only has two USB ports. Maybe there is some place in back where I could put another port. Seems like less trouble though just to connect the extension to an existing USB port. Of course, I use my printer fairly seldom these days, and my scanner even less often, so I don't feel like I have a problem.
Ron, I have USB hubs all over the place, running to my desk, under my desk, and over to another place where I keep my stereo units. I had no idea you didn't know about them. Go here and check out the different ones. You can even get things in USB3 now, which are even faster than USB2.

I'm sure that every motherboard has a USB slot to connect a USB hub card which fits on the back of the tower where normaly other accessories are aslo inserted. But I'm surprised that there aren't already 2 or 4 USB slots there, and only two on the front...
To find the location of the USB connection on the Motherboard, it's very simple: You try all of them and where it holds in it's there! S5
You can also open the box and find the motherboard's model number. Then do a search for the manual of that motherboard. It will give all the information needed on where, or how, to add more USB ports.

...nah: it's faster to try to push the plug here and there until it fits.... S5
Looks like we have a budding comedian here. ShockS13

No no no, seriousely, no comedy here:

Look for the MoBo serial number or model either in the "Computer" properties or on the real thing (by the time you find this out, I'll have already find where is your USB slot, but ok, let's continue). Find the MoBo instruction PDF catalog on the internet, download it. Re-find it on your computer (kudo to you if you know exactely where your browser downloads things - usualy this information is closely hidden). Open it. Find, among the 30 pages of the catalog where they mention USB extention slots. Try to visualize the location on the real MoBo from the cryptic drawing presented. You are very lucky if the drawing is exactly that of your MoBo and not a generic one with many differrences. Odds are high that's not where you try the first time (but just next).

I'm telling you: You will do it faster by trying intuitively...

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