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Fan condensed Hobbit Movie was Interesting, but Beware of Torrents website
I also have found Norton Utilities 16 helpful in repairing damage to my computer. It defrags the registry, fixes startup problems, and a number of other things that regular antivirus software does not address.
I finally felt ready to uninstall then reinstall Google Chrome. Once I did that, I was able to use Google Chrome again, and none of the pop-up ads appeared. I was surprised to learn that even when I uninstalled Google Chrome, I had the option to preserve the data--such as my Favorites file. So I took that option, and my Favorites file was still there when I tried my reinstalled Google Chrome. I prefer Google Chrome because it seems to be a faster browser than Internet Explorer.

By the way, I have of course changed all my passwords to sites where I do financial transactions, such as manage my Credit Union account, and pay my credit cards.
Good move Ron. S22

Incidentally, the name of the organization where I had to pay through PayPal for the privilege of being hacked, according to PayPal, is "Geek Squad."

Would you believe that a few days ago, the same joker, named Jason, called me again and asked how my computer was doing. I told him it was working fine, now that I managed to get it fixed. I mentioned all the pop-up ads I started getting after he worked on my computer remotely, and I noted that he had removed my Malware Bytes software. He started to say he wanted to do something about the pop-up ads. I just told him I did not want to hear from him again. (No cursing or swearing.) Then I hung up.

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