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The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies
I saw the final Hobbit movie today at the new theater that was just built nearby, where a K-Mart used to be. The theater features all amphitheater-type seating. I saw the movie in HFR (High Frame Rate) 3D. Even in the matinee showing, it cost me $9.00. Later in the day though, the price would have been $13.50. The ordinary non-3D showings had a matinee price of $5.50. The extra price for 3D included the cost of polarized glasses.

I won't give out any spoilers, but I will say one of the highlights of the movie for me was when Legolas actually ran out of arrows. After shooting about two dozen orcs after starting out with only eight arrows in his quiver, he reached back for another arrow, and the quiver was empty! I didn't know that could happen! S5

Another high point is when Lady Galadriel got involved in a big fight scene against orcs and Sauron, along side Gandalf and Saruman and Radagast (a.k.a the 7th Doctor Who). You don't want to mess with her! Even without Sauron's master ring, she can still be great and terrible! S11 Oh yes, Lord Elrond was there, too.

The movie was satisfactory. None of the Hobbit movies inherently are able to approach the LOTR movies. But it was an OK conclusion. The Hobbit trilogy departs like crazy from the original single novel by Tolkien, but Peter Jackson, Phillipa Boyens, and Fran Walsh are good story tellers in their own right.

Galadriel Saves Gandalf................................Don't mess with Lady Galadriel
Ron, The Troy Grand isn't showing that film in 3D. I think Saruman may have hoodwinked you into bogus specs!
They did show it in 3D, special glasses and all. I can certainly tell if the view is in 3D. Are you sure you're talking about the right theater? That's the new MJR Troy Grand Digital Cinema 16, on 15 Mile & Livernois. It is virtually identical to the one on Van Dyke near 15 Mile, in Sterling Heights, where we've been going for years. Try this link: Here's what I get at that link:


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