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What are you watching?
Has anyone watched "Preacher", an AMC series? It has been on for two entire series years - and I have never encountered a show with less concern with the typical television experience. Basically, the characters are all beyond anything ever attempted. Jesse Custer is a southern Texas hitman turned Preacher searching for God, because He is missing. There are leads that He went to New Orleans because He likes jazz. So Jesse and his little group of friends (his girlfriend, Tulip, and a Vampire named Cassidy, who carries a parasol because he starts to smoke when in the sun light) drive all over the place chasing down weird sightings and clues, with strange angels and others hunting them. Jesse was given the gift of "The Word" which allows him to use a command voice that forces people to obey instantly. They end up in the apartment of an old French-speaking man who ends up being Cassidy's son. No one understands him and he can't understand them. Each new episode goes off into strange directions. There is a side plot about a young man names Eugene who is trapped in Hell with a face that looks like an anus. The nicest inmate there is Adolph Hitler who helps Eugene cope.


For some reason I never watched X-Files when it was on TV. Something about it turned me off--I guess I had the idea that it was all about flying saucers, which are not of any interest to me. If they exist, they are likely perpetrated by devils trying to mislead us.

Devils are, of course, true extraterrestrial aliens. But they have been living among us since the Fall of man. Angels of God also have been living among us, to keep the devils from destroying us all. But all this goes on mostly unseen.

Finally I got around to watching season one of X-Files on DVD, and to my surprise I find it is more like Fringe, and in some ways, also like Grimm. Both of which were great TV series, and I see now, obviously took a lot of pointers from the earlier TV series. That is, there are many stories about unusual things. Good science fiction/fantasy. So I have the whole series to look forward to viewing. I just ordered seasons 2 and 3 on DVD. I believe there were ten seasons all together, plus a movie.
I've recently come to realize what Amazon Prime has to offer.

At this point in time, Amazon is a required shopping resource. With it overwhelming all the big box and Ma and Pop stores, you must have it. Also, if you use it at all, you must have Amazon Prime. For a yearly fee, most purchases are shipped free. That makes Prime eminently worthwhile.

If you have Prime, you also have Prime streaming. Like Hulu, it has many proprietary shows and movies. You can binge watch all the seasons of Star Trek Enterprise, starring Scott Bakula and Jolene Blalock. Flash Gordon, and Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan. The first thing everyone watches when you get Amazon Prime, is "The Tick." I am up to episode 6 of Jack Ryan, and it is excellenat. I watch it on my 17" MacBook Pro with ear buds with captioning turned on. Very useful with this series, because the characters speaking Arabic or Turkish need translation. It works for me, and no commercials.
We all know that Hollywood and TV world are totally immersed in Leftist culture. There are hidden messages everywhere, and overt ones as well. We saw "Madame Secretary" positioned to recreate Hillary as the smartest woman in the world, and when she lost, it morphed into "The administration is dirty" mode.

Now there is "Purge". You may think it is a takeoff of The Walking Dead genré, but it's not. Those in the first two episodes who support the government program of everything, including murder, being legal for twelve hours, allude to it being a direct result of making us great. (Evidently Trump MAGA.) The rich are colluders who think it's necessary to cull the deplorable dregs. So far, class warfare is in every scene.

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