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What are you watching?
Has anyone watched "Preacher", an AMC series? It has been on for two entire series years - and I have never encountered a show with less concern with the typical television experience. Basically, the characters are all beyond anything ever attempted. Jesse Custer is a southern Texas hitman turned Preacher searching for God, because He is missing. There are leads that He went to New Orleans because He likes jazz. So Jesse and his little group of friends (his girlfriend, Tulip, and a Vampire named Cassidy, who carries a parasol because he starts to smoke when in the sun light) drive all over the place chasing down weird sightings and clues, with strange angels and others hunting them. Jesse was given the gift of "The Word" which allows him to use a command voice that forces people to obey instantly. They end up in the apartment of an old French-speaking man who ends up being Cassidy's son. No one understands him and he can't understand them. Each new episode goes off into strange directions. There is a side plot about a young man names Eugene who is trapped in Hell with a face that looks like an anus. The nicest inmate there is Adolph Hitler who helps Eugene cope.



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