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GDP and Debt growth
24 hours are now over, so a few words:


The reason Wm was incapable to substantiate the claim about military and business elites is simply that neither existed in USSR.

Gorbachev 1993? A deposed leader considered for a meaningless UN job as a comfortable retirement? -- irrelevant.

Many KGB files -- just what kind of idiot would look into FBI files to learn about the US budget? -- the information is largely available, but not from KGB !

(Yeah, it seems Wm's knowledge of USSR is limited to Gorbachev, Eltzin, and KGB... that's it).

Soviet military budget in 1980s incidentally was increased considerably, and BEFORE Star Wars started. Did not cause a problem, and was not even a minor factor in the fall of USSR.

Star Wars -- failed project (almost no useful technology out of it) but with two important implications for today: 1stly, this is when US budget went into big red, and eventually this spells doom for the US (not the only reason, US has multiple fatal diseases now). 2ndly, current Russian military superiority (7-10 years for the US to catch up per Pentagon sources, assuming huge costs and Russia not doing anything else new) is based largely on the research from 1980s (Star Wars period), renewed under Putin.

Stealth -- meaningless hype, modern radars see Stealth planes as well as they see normal planes. This of course includes the *obsolete* S-400 which Erdogan was salivating *on* yesterday.

Clinton selling secrets in 1980s ... bad sign .. minimal knowledge of US history is really helpful.

Judaism/Christianity/Matriarch/Patriarch religion .. bad surprise, I distinctly remember Wm mentioning having two year of Catholic school, and they tend to teach basics.

Wm: hopeless. I looked at his posts from ten years ago, wondering why I was thinking of him as somewhat intelligent... and they do seem more intelligent indeed. No clue what it is, could be Alzheimer, could be brain tumor, could be a totally successful zombification, but best recheck .. and don't post anything anywhere till the problem is corrected.

AI Jane: well, this brings down the count of posters who MAY be able to say something interesting to 1.5 (counting Fred as 0.5 since he is on/off). This is too low.

Me: gone. May drop by later, in a few months or years.

Have fun.
Evidently. mv has bought into every disinformation piece and conspiracy theory ever put out on the internet. He obviously has no personal memory of all the things he mischaracterizes. We were all there and lived through the times, one small step at a time.

When a person refuses to admit what actually happened and just repeats revisionist history, it is best to ignore them. Especially when he pretends truth needs to be footnoted to be real. I have tons of information and history archived - which came from sources which the revisionist hacking bureaucracy has sanitized. Want proof? Go look for scientific papers written on "Global Cooling." Or look for research on Marijuana. There used to be anti vs. pro research. One side used the term "Marijuana" and the converse was "Marihuana". Look it up now. How many of each is still available?

I guess we can all look away when he enters the forum, now. Nothing to see here.  I remember when he first posted in this forum. ...Whole different persona - trying to be "one of the guys." Now he's an expert on Russian perfection as it never was.

Why fight so hard to revise the scumbag history that came out of the Kremlin for so long? Yes, the KGB files were opened under Glasnost, and the admitted history was beyond the pale. I loved how the KGB admitted the term "Capitalism" is a Soviet attempt to foist a pejorative title onto "Free Enterprise." So much revealed. So little commented upon.

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