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GDP and Debt growth
Trump complained that Obama spent 5 billion on Obamacare, yet he wants to spend as much for the Trump Wall.

I'm not against building a wall if migrants need to be contained.
I'm against the way he is appropriating the money.
Trump Wrote:“totally be willing” to shut down the federal government

He wants 5 billions. Why no 3 or 2 Billion? Why not build the wall one piece at a time with the fund available in an economicaly responsible manner?

If he didn't waste billions on the military he would have plenty of money for his wall. Now he has to blackmail the government for his funding. Can't fall lower.

Farmers: A penny for your corn.
Just to highlight the nonsens of this trade war. Subisdies are dictated by a future class action at the WTO!
Yeah: Make America Great Again.S6

Do you realize this?

Sonny Perdue, Trump’s agriculture chief Wrote:the department was obligated to stick with the economists’ algorithm because it mirrors what the U.S. would present to the World Trade Organization when filing an unfair-trade grievance.

WmL Wrote:What do you dispute?
Looking like that, I agree. A few oligarchs grabbed the money. But if they are rich, the real power is in the hands of Putin and is aides. IMO the oligarchs are just part of a structure.
Russia can be summed by two things: Oil and the military. The oligarchs are mostly oil traders. Oiligarchs would be more exact.
The military is still the second largest sector. They have power because Putin repects the military and put it above anything else.
Quote:"Generals" is what historians have ALWAYS called the USSR Military that controlled the largest percentage of GNP. Of course they knew about money - they controlled most of it - until the US technology made their war plans obsolete. The proportion of spending moved away from the military. That is universally known. Find anything that cn contradict that.

And why should I bother contradicting total nonsense ? Again, there was no such political grouping as "generals" -- ever since the process of 1938! There were only managers of military industrial complex, fully subordinate to the ruling group.

Quote:Gorbachev lost to the West's economy, and did what he could to attract investment in his nation. His mistake was in trying to control Free Enterprise.

Opposite of the truth. Inferior economy is a given, but this was never an important issue. And his mistake was in NOT controlling Free Enterprise -- which allowed for the oligarch class to emerge and destroy much of the economy.

Quote:Government Elites are everywhere - not regional.

I'm afraid you simply do not grab the concept of a regional elite! And this is one of the reasons why you are looking for other explanations. And this of course comes from the fact that in the US regional elites never achieved sufficient local power. Now, imagine this scenario: companies based in Texas control local politicians; they decide that Texas contributes more to the federal budget than they get back... plus federal government interferes in their business all too often, undermining their power. (This is not happening... but may -- if the US federal budget crashes). In this case they would suddenly desire to either take over the federal government (unlikely) or secede!. And this is the background of Catalonia case. Richer countries in the EU are slowly developing the same attitudes : why is anti-EU AFD is doing so well in Germany -- which happens to be the leader and in some ways the ruler of EU!.
And this was #1 factor in USSR as well...
Sanders 2020

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