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Japan - South Korea relationship
There are various articles about China-Japan, China-India, China-Vietnam etc.

However how is the situation between Japan - South Korea?

It seems it is moving on fairly good in many aspects, trade, tourism etc.
There are plenty of contacts of any kind between these 2 countries.

Recently also politicians are trying to solve their issues.

Quote:Tokyo (AFP) - Japan and South Korea pledged Thursday to work towards the celebration of half a century of normal diplomatic ties, the latest in a series of baby steps as frosty ties gradually thaw.

"We will make efforts so that we will be able to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic normalisation in a warm atmosphere," Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida told South Korean First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Cho Tae-Yong.

"There are very difficult issues between South Korea and Japan," Cho replied, but added: "We hope to make next year the year the relationship will start to develop."


Japan and South Korea share the mistrust against China and North Korea.

I often think, South Korea is looking for some political support and military co-operation from Japan, for South Korea security remains a problem. To share a border with North Korea and to share the nearby sea with China is not a nice feeling.

Plenty of US troops and UN-troops, a huge part of their expenses is paid by the South Korean citizen.

Same with Japan, plenty of US-troops paid by the Japanese, but at least we here in Japan do not share any land border line and are farer away from China and North Korea.
The biggest problem with Japan's neighborly relations is its inability to come to grips with its less than savory past in the 20th century. One person is not going to allow this to swept under the rug, however. And he can get away with it, and not suffer any harsh penalties.


Good for him! Let's quit acting as though Japan didn't commit atrocities. Those who refuse to confront their sins, and beg forgiveness, will not be forgiven. Too bad there are not very many Japanese Christians practicing this concept.
Have a Gneiss Day!
AFP Wrote:the celebration of half a century of normal diplomatic ties
So nice to read that somewhere in the world there is no problem. Worth celebrating indeed! Let's keep it on! S5

I wonder if it's worse to live on the border with China or to Russia... I wouldn't trust any of them. But for the moment Russia looks worse obviousely.

Korea is very dangerous of course, but they wouldn't survive if they attacked the south and they know it. It's not a big power.

JL Wrote:The biggest problem with Japan's neighborly relations is its inability to come to grips with its less than savory past in the 20th century.
I don't think it's a problem among civilized, educated poeple in the 21th C. At some point nation have to acknowledge that the past is th past. Like Europe did with Germany.
(02-23-2015, 05:56 PM)Fredledingue Wrote:
JL Wrote:The biggest problem with Japan's neighborly relations is its inability to come to grips with its less than savory past in the 20th century.
I don't think it's a problem among civilized, educated poeple in the 21th C. At some point nation have to acknowledge that the past is th past. Like Europe did with Germany.

Its not the same Fred. Germany, was required to swallow the pill and take their own medicine, and do so publicly. In many cases Germans were all forced out of nearby towns/cities and required to physically walk through the death camps, smell the smell of death, and actually see the dead bodies piled up. And they had made excuses of knowing nothing, so they were made to be shamed by their inaction and fear of speaking up. This type of policy was encouraged from the military higher ups, and the result of Eisenhower's directive to make the 'so called' innocent Germans see that they had turned a blind eye.

If you go here, you can can see some of the Germans being forced to confront reality.

Also, German civilians tour Buchenwald Camp

[Image: Buchenwald01.jpg]

Now, none of this was ever done to the Japanese. None, en mass were forced to confront the horrors of what their military did to their prisoners. There weren't death mills hanging around like in Germany, so the atrocities were more abstract in nature.

But still, any process of war crime investigations were halted by MacArthur, at the beginning of the Korean conflict. And the apparent reason was because the US wanted Japan as a allay, and didn't want to risk offending them, if one can believe that.


And Fred, the past is not just the past. As George Santayana famously stated, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it." Japan has not come publicly to grips with its terrible past, so how can they be forgiven for something they refuse to acknowledge?

Fred, have you ever heard, or even read, Coleridge's "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner", in which the main character is punished for killing the bird of luck(albatross) and is forced to wear the dead bird around his neck in order to atone for his sin? Well, in the case of Japan, the reverse is true here. In spite of 'official' apologies for their actions, Japan has made the history disappear and it is nowhere to be see, or heard. But the albatross is there, around the country's neck, because it refused to publicly confront its past, and make firm convictions of not allowing it happen again. And until they do publicly confront this, the dead bird will remain there, hanging down for all to see their hidden shame.

That's the difference between Germany and Japan. Germany has gone about this the right way, and they are the ones able to hold their heads up and walk under the light of day, because they have atoned for their sins.
Have a Gneiss Day!
These are quite good interviews, rather new, made in South Korea and in Japan - both fairly correctly translated with very good English subtitles, but with original tone.
For me I can understand all Japanese, and a good part of Korean (good language exercise) but for other, not familiar with these 2 languages, these subtitles are very informative.

You will also notice that Japanese and Koreans are very similar to each other, it is often difficult to say who is who, except when you hear them talking to each other.
However many Koreans can speak Japanese, (and people from Taiwan too). Japanese however are not so good in foreign languages, but Korean is often similar with its vocabulary and has the same grammatical rules. Not so difficult to learn.

In general ordinary citizens are not hateful against each other, but many on both sides blame politicians, media and also say that they were poorly informed about the past during their school time, there is not much what they teach on both sides about South Korea and Japan, and usually only negative things.

As the distance is short, visa are not required any longer and airplanes are cheap, many South Koreans are visiting now Japan.

Quote:The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s statistics for 2017 reveal that Japan received 7,355,800 visitors from China (+15.4% year on year), 2,231,500 from Hong Kong (+21.3%), 7,140,200 from South Korea (+40.3%), and 4,564,100 from Taiwan (+9.5%). The total number of visitors from the four markets totaled 21,292,000 (+21.9%), which accounted for 74.2% of all international visitors of 28,691,000.

Considering how small South Korea is compared to China, this is really a huge number of visitors.

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