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Global cooling, er, I mean warming, er, wait...PT. 2
Global Warming off the hook? Alien species are primary cause of recent global extinctions

The MNR in Ontario is no longer stocking non-indigenous fish in Ontario waters. For example, Lake Ontario was once stocked with Pacific salmon and ignored indigenous Atlantic salmon. Now it is only stocking Atlantic salmon.
The true purpose of democracy is not to select the best leaders — a clearly debatable obligation — but to facilitate the prompt and peaceful removal of obviously bad ones. 
Well, were they legal or illegal aliens?

I know you think you understand what you thought I said,
but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant!
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-11-03-at-7.51.08-AM-dow...8XduSrKHZg]
3 days later: 
[Image: Screen-Shot-2016-11-03-at-7.59.13-AM-dow...HZ10CJLZdA]
This guy thinks the AGW debate is about to go the way of Russian Collusion bust.  I'm not totally convinced, but it is a nice thought,......before its too late. I see this old food fight going on for some time to come. Its going to take a whole lot of early and late blasts of winter gales to finally convince the Michael Mann followers that they are looking at things bass-akwards.

Quote:Global Warming Going the way of Russia Collusion

We have been hearing this song and dance for several decades now. The global warming chicken littles keep telling us that snow is a thing of the past and we had better get used to it, along with a warming planet.

In 2000, British newspaper The Independent ran this headline, “Snowfalls are just a thing of the past.” In 2014, The New York Times ran a sequel headline, “The end of snow?”

Yet here we are, at the end of April, planting our gardens and facing snow in much of the country. If this is evidence of global warming, then Bernie Sanders’s popularity is evidence that the Democrat Party has shifted to the right. Good luck selling that.

One important factor always neglected by the climate warriors is the Sun, a ball of fire a million times larger than the Earth, the source of life on Earth, as well as destruction if the fires ever were extinguished, or expanded. If we were a few million miles closer to or further from the Sun, life on Earth would cease to exist. Just look at Venus and Mars, neighboring planets either too hot or too cold, respectively, for life as we know it.
It’s the ultimate in hubris to believe climate revolves solely around human activity. Yet politicians, rather admitting the obvious, that we don’t know far more than we do know, blame an ever-changing climate on everything from flatulent cows to processed meats.

Much like the Russian collusion hoax, the left creates a narrative to fit their agenda, putting conclusions before research and discovery. Instead they would be better served by applying the scientific method of observing, formulating a hypothesis, testing it against observations, modifying and refining the hypothesis, until after extensive testing it accurately predicts future events.

Otherwise it’s just more blather and fear mongering, just as we heard for over two years with Russian collusion fantasies that turned out to be nothing. Just as late April snow, in the eyes of the left, is further evidence of a warming planet.
--- SCHiST Happens! ---

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