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Food Dogma & Truth
There are all kinds of food dogma out there which has been hanging around for decades. The result of all this has been misinformation, angst, and the denigration of many otherwise healthy foods. I have discussed the war on coconut oil for awhile now, as it is finally clear that coconut oil is perhaps the most healthy oil around, right on par with flax seed oil.

The reason for the coconut oil scare has been based on the evils of saturated fats. But over the years saturated fats have finally been experiencing a renewal of reputation. I can remember a couple of decades ago, when some learned doctors, and nutritionists, warned against using margarine and switching back to butter. I was one who followed this advice, because margarine was a processed food, and butter was a natural one. I've been a butter user since the early 80s, but recently switched to coconut oil instead.

Well, lo and behold, the Whores have finally met the elephant, and it has actually dawned on them that saturated fats really are maligned, and in need of being rehabilitated. Imagine that.

Here's what I mean.

[Image: Time-Saturated-fat-Butter-cover-sm.jpg]

Can you believe that?! It has taken the geniuses at Time Magazine to finally realize that butter is actually good for us. I'm just floored by this astuteness and timely message. S13

So I will wager that within the next few weeks everyone will be trumpeting the benefits of saturated fats, and butter will suddenly get more expensive as it become more scarce. In fact, its already beginning, right here, right here, and of course, which really went deep into the subject, and clearly enjoyed all of the crow being eaten by Time. They even turned up a good deal of mud that Time slung around for some decades, and you can read unspoken joy in their wording.

The big loser, of course, is going to be margarine. But I never use it anyway, even when eating out, so I will not miss it. Unfortunately, there will be no big losers with the Whores, such as Time. They will simply turn around and look for their next culprit to skewer for future issues.

Anyway, it is not only ok to eat butter, and other saturated fats, but even encouraged. Just as Communists occasionally rehabilitate some disgraced castaways, the Whores are finally following suit with all things saturated. Now let's see if they will finally turn on the real culprit for all this misinformation, Dr. Ancel Keys.

[Image: Ancel-Keys-Time-Cover-1961.jpg]
Ancel Keys on the cover of Time Magazine in 1961. He claimed that saturated fats in the diet clogged arteries and caused heart disease.

"............Only spring from the mind of a Politician." How true. Does this video remind you of other issues that bureaucrats and politicians have use to come charging out of the gates?

So spread all that healthy saturated fat on your next piece of toast, enjoy your rehabilitated coffee, learn to pay less attention to the Whores and 'so called' Progressive experts, who expect you to do as they think you should. If you don't, you'll certainly live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Are you reading all this Buzz? S5


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