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The Great War
No doubt things would have been different, but, Germany would not have led the world into a great era. They would have become arrogant and dropped a huge turd on the world, like the stupidas.s USA has done lately with our insanely contradictory pr and reality.

People are all too flawed to think otherwise, although that leads to a boring discussion and ain't what anyone probably agrees with.
Quote:Germany would not have led the world into a great era

This is a wrong approach..... there is only one force that can lead the world into a better future... its name is not Germany (or the US, or Russia), its name is Competition.

If Germany prevailed we would have seen competition between it, the US and some version of Russia... basically the old European competition that did a lot of good in the 19th century, expanded worldwide.
Sodomia delenda est

Yup, which would have been awesome. At the time the US was the premier industrial power in the world, but Germany was catching up by leaps and bounds. Imagine what competition with a relatively stable and healthy society would have done for us.

We would probably be on Pluto because whatever. Russia might have taken a course which would involve the Tsarist traditions (which Putin is bringing back) with modernization and development.
Donno about Pluto, but would have been on Mars.

And it would have been totally irrelevant if Russia wanted to experiment with tsarism or the US with anal sex..... competition tends to kill bad ideas.
Sodomia delenda est


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