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Dinesh D'Souza's [i]America[/i]
At CPAC 2014, Dinesh D'Souza unveiled his latest film, America. Obama was so moved by his last film, that he got one of his political appointees to sue D'Souza over it. Dinesh is one of the smartest young Conservatives, and he is making waves. He was a member of Reagan's White House, and his writings have always been well worth reading. His biography of Reagan was where I learned about Reagan's photographic memory, and how he signaled his staff to get read of blatant liars by picking out certain colors of jelly beans.

The story goes that Reagan;s own daughter was under the influence of Left-wing College Professors. She had one she particularly liked to visit the White House, to "straighten out her old man." According to D'Souza, since Reagan had a photographic memory, he never used notes in interviews. This college professor thought since Reagan was not using notes, that he could lie about his issues and get away with it. Reagan recognized at once what the pea-brained Professor was up to, so picked some of those off-color jelly beans out of a bowl, whereupon his staff gave the devious professor the bum's rush.

The Professor went to Reagan's daughter and told her that her father was too stupid to understand the issues he was raising - when in effect Reagan had all the numbers down pat, and when the Professor started doing his own "Hockey Stick Thing", he was shown the door as the boor he was. Out of respect for his daughter, he didn't crush the Professor. He should have. The split the professor caused between Reagan and his daughter was totally unnecessary - but shows the power the Left-leaning ideologues have over their students.

As good a communicator as Reagan is thought to be, think how difficult is the task, when your own daughter can be compromised.

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