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Egyptian Army announces a cure for AIDS
also, Hepatitis C and cancer
Sanders 2020

Shucks, I thought they were talking about the Stalin Cure. S6
"Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it" - Jonathan Swift, 1710
Sort of like dialysis--they say they clean the blood of disease organisms, then return the blood to the body. I wonder how they clean the blood of disease organisms. Great if it works. Will it really be practical to provide this dialysis-type treatment for millions of people? And will repeated treatments be necessary?
Arutz Sheva 7 Wrote:The spread of sexually transmitted diseases may partially be due to Egypt's abysmal treatment of women.

A study last November found Egypt had the worst women's rights in the Arab world;
But they do have the best goat's rights in the world! So why so many diseases? S18
Unhealthy goats?
Sanders 2020

If their goats come from Saudi Arabia, there is a risk, indeed. S5
I got it! S2

Not just unhealthy, but fvcked up goats. S13
Sanders 2020


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