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Comparing Christianity to Islam
(03-12-2017, 03:18 PM)Palladin Wrote: John,

Your question about Catholics is YES. Many dislike Pope Francis. But, he's not wrong on all his views. Just some.

Granted, he's not entirely clueless. He is not only able to see the light on this "celibacy" issue but willing to make accommodations in order to keep the necessary number of priests serving the following. All this substantiated homosexuality, and child molestation, has given the priesthood a terrible name, and celibacy only aids and abets the problem.

However, he is a typical Peronist, which is just another word for Argentine Fascist. After the great reputations of the John Pauls, he has no chance of being able to run with them. The Conservative bishops are almost certainly having cows on a daily basis, just thinking of how they helped elect this turkey.

Yea, I agree he needs to re-consider some of his views on economics. I actually understand where he's coming from on economics relating to the poor and the wealthy, where I depart from Francis is he seems to assume what he knows is moral for a Christian to do should be enforced on a state economic system. He doesn't realize that is more harmful than what we have even as flawed as it is.

BTW, if you were from South America, it is reasonable to assume you might hold different views. I never realized how the paradigm down there is so much worse than here "structurally".

I read a book my son gave me written by a Catholic priest from Spain. He has lived in El Salvador 20 years now. The state( even recently admitted guilt openly) has for ages been murdering Catholic priests including Archbishop Romero simply because they stand with the poor. That's all some of these nations have, uber wealthy domineering tiny minority, the rest dirt ass poor.

They just don't have a frame of reference for a middle class in between paradigm we do.

Down in some of those states, you have a situation very similar to ancient pre industrial era economy, if you don't own land, you barely subsist and you know who owns all the land. They will murder to maintain the grip, too.

There is no industrial economy in many of these states.

Theologically, I think Francis is closer to how Jesus thought than a typical Pope. He's more into forgiveness than judgment and that's good.
He's one of those Statists, who believes Jesus admonished us all to work as a group, through The Church.  And since he is now the head of "The Church" he is just following through on his thinking.  

But you and I believe Jesus admonished us to "personally" do good, by individually participating.  Not doing things through the Collective.

I agree about "each of us", but, the church should be an effective voice for certain things. During the early era in the 1st century, as few as they were, Christians effectively spoke out against what they called "casting away". That was where Roman mothers who had girls decided to throw them away literally. Sometimes they survived and were adopted by kind people, sometimes they died. Helpless infants.

The Christians collectively helped de validate that ancient practice. So, together we stand for the intrinsic good at times, ideally it would be very often.

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