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JohnL, here are my dog's pictures
[Image: 1364.jpg]
[Image: 1366.jpg]
[Image: 1619.jpg]
[Image: 1621.jpg]
[Image: 1625.jpg]
[Image: 1626.jpg]
[Image: 0367musius.jpg]
He is the cutest little booger. Is he still with you?
Have a Gneiss Day!
Yes, we are unseparable! S5

It's very difficult to make photographs of him in action because he understands what I want to do when I carry a photo camera. He stops doing what he was doing and takes a nonchalant pose. Everytime!
He's just the cutest little guy I've seen in a long, long time. I'd probably trim his eye lashes a little, to make him a bit more photogenic, and give him a good brushing occasionally. I have to do that with Charlie, because his hair continually grows out super fast. If I don't have him trimmed ever 6-7 weeks, he looks like an unkept barbarian.

About five weeks after his groomer comes around(my groomer has a van and calls on us personally), I have to trim all around his eyes, and nose, or he will have trouble seeing. He's not the typical Shih-tzu in that his hair grows so gosh darned fast!

I'm very particular and don't take him to the vet, unless a dire situation. Vet offices are like hospitals. They are loaded with things that will cause sickness, so I steer clear of them. That's why I love the groomer on wheels set-up. The groomer keeps her van clean and doesn't do sick dogs. So, grooming is the only big expense I incur.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Yeah, he is cute isn't it? S5
You are right I should trim his eyelashes and dredds more often!
But I'm so lazy, especialy since I have to clean one of his ear once a week. He has problem with one ear, nobody knows why.
But this dog is not to be given to a groomer! He would bite him!

We never go to the vet neither. One time he almost died from a desease transmited by these parasite which are hanging on the skin and sucking blood, you know... Human can die too and myself I caught such a desease once (without dying).
he got that despite a special neckless, but this neckless was too old and lost its effect.
Then I realized that dogs are not able to say "I feel bad". Only when it was critical I noticed something bad in his behavior.
He recovered.

Another time, he had the hip bones completely broken.
I don't know what caused this. I just found him like that one afternoon. He could not walk anymore at all. It was terrible. I thought he would stay disabled for the rest of his life. And there was nothing to do.
One year later he recovered at 99%. He just don't jump as high as before for a cookie.
This recovery was nothing short of a miracle.

More photos and anecdotes later...
I keep Charlie away from the vet's clinic as well. All those sick dogs, coughing and throwing up all over the waiting room, leave all sorts of cooties I don't need for Charlie to pick up.
Have a Gneiss Day!
You'r right. I do the same for myslef. I avoid care centers as much as possible.
[Image: 0373musius.jpg]
[Image: 1368.jpg]
[Image: 0372musius.jpg]
[Image: 142-4228_musius.jpg]
[Image: 0366musius.jpg]
[Image: musius.jpg]
[Image: musiusav.jpg]
[Image: musius.png]
[Image: musius2011_001.jpg]
He is without a doubt, one of the cutest little fellas I have ever seen. Does he have any offspring?

Oh, do you know what he is, make up wise? Is he part this and part that? Do you know what 'this' and 'that' are?

Hey, a little bit of trim work around the eyes and face, and he will be one of the handsomest little fellows around, bar none.

Incidentally, that bottom picture of him turning around, makes him look like a raccoon in the face.

He's priceless.
Have a Gneiss Day!
I have no idee how to call his race... His father is unkown and her mother is not more defined.
I's never seen his offsprings but I'm sure he has some.

My sister owns a pure Border Collie, so because they have same hair color, I used to tell her that my dog is a Dwarf Border Collie!
But to be honnest, his name is Musius, and that's how he is defined.

Yes, I need to trim more often and preferably make the picture after. But his dreads are coming back quickely because he has the habit of searching in the compost... S1
He won't eat the most delicious food if you give it on a plate, but throw it in the compost with other garbage and he will spend half an hour there!

Beside that bad habits, he is extremely intelligent. And attaching...

Before yesterday we washed him in the bath thub. A yearly tradition where the whole family participate!
[Image: 1362.jpg]
[Image: musius091.jpg]
[Image: ramune_anif_2012_39musius.jpg]
[Image: ramune_anif_2012_40musius.jpg]
How old is Musius now Fred? He must be getting up there.

Oh, and why 'Musius'. That's an unusual name.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Those eyebrows are killers! I have no doubt this little character has you wrapped around his dew claw!
(02-06-2016, 08:39 PM)WmLambert Wrote: Those eyebrows are killers! I have no doubt this little character has you wrapped around his dew claw!

For some reason I always thought the saying went like "wrapped abound his 'little finger', which is the fifth digit.
Have a Gneiss Day!
The dew claw IS the fifth digit.
(02-10-2016, 09:28 PM)WmLambert Wrote: The dew claw IS the fifth digit.

Wrong, its the FIRST digit: the Thumb. That's a Huge difference. I know this looks like I am quibbling, but almost everyone overlooks just how important that diget could be, especially if we begin 'uplifting' them into sentience. The key to successful intelligence depends on development of the opposing thumb. That's why primates have a key advantage over other mammals in that respect.
Have a Gneiss Day!
Yeah, the dew claw in dogs is similar to human thumbs - except with dogs and many other creatures it is almost vestigial and barely useful.

Which means if a dog has its owner wrapped around its "dew claw" then that owners truly must be a Ted Cruz (in Trump terminology.) ...Which fits this thread.
Fred, this little fellow looks like he is a relative of your Musius. Incidentally, how old is Musius?

WLLR M 18.12.16 018_tonemapped
Have a Gneiss Day!

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