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Self-Strangulation, New York Style
Everyone here already knows that I thoroughly despise New Yawk. I'll never set foot in that pest hole again, ever. Actually, I cannot even begin to count the negatives that have made it one of the world's top armpits.

And here is a classic economic example as to how they carelessly go about strangling themselves, and not caring about it. But when things don't go their way, they blame someone else for their problems, and never bother looking in the mirror.

New Toll Hike Hits Drivers Hard

Quote:Could you imagine spending $100 to drive over a bridge or through a tunnel? Well, as of Sunday, that is the new reality for truckers driving into Manhattan.

This will be the third of five Port Authority toll increases passed since 2011. It means only a 75 cent increase for car drivers using E-ZPass. For cash paying truckers, on the other hand, it means a $12 hike, taking them from $90 per crossing to $102 just to cross the George Washington Bridge.

Many truckers are upset over the toll increase. Independent trucker, David Edwards says that the toll hike is wiping them out. “I came across here the other day and had to do a lot of deliveries, and it cost me over $400,” he said.

Last year, Port Authority saw a 31% profit, causing many to question why the Port Authority couldn’t delay or cancel the toll hike all together. Mike Kilduff, another independent trucker, wants to know what Port Authority plans to do with the new money. “Where’s the money going? That’s what I’d like to know,” he said.

This increase is essentially causing small businesses to pay a business tax to do business in New York and New Jersey. Even though tolls were created so that those who use the road pay to fix it, it seems like the Port Authority has enough money that they do not need to raise the tolls.

New Yawkers don't have the common sense to realize that these costs are naturally passed on to them, causing their purchases to soar. They have no idea how basic economics works, and when they are squeezed, they naturally blame the wrong people for their self-imposed hardships.

And just think, they are about to feel the full effects of a socialist mayor. Imagine that. S18

They should be welcoming truckers to special places where they can unload their products, and giving them a special discount, instead of a price hike.

Where do they get their thinking from? A Cracker Jack box?
Have a Gneiss Day!
And if that doesn't get your attention, don't overlook this little tidbit, about to come barreling down the expressway: ‘We Are in a Progressive Moment Right Now’: Bill de Blasio Fund-Raises for Emboldened Left.
Have a Gneiss Day!
That some prices in Manhattan (food for instance) are higher than in the outer boroughs is not new and does not seem too important... after all, food is a minor factor comparing to for instance rent.
That MTA has been raising prices way ahead of inflation is obviously not good and at some point should backfire, but this has not happened yet.

Now, Bratton's appointment by De Blasio is an interesting development... it is no longer possible to criticize the new mayor *in advance* about anything that may happen to the police / crime. Bratton, in case you don't know, was one of Guiliani's commissioners, fired allegedly for doing too good a job reducing crime and thus stealing the credit from Guiliani. Given that the liberals in NY still see Guiliani as a right-wing fascist, I'm surprised for sure.
Sodomia delenda est


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