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Proof that Islam is the correct religion
Even they respond to the call of prayers!

All of them throughout Turkey responds the same way for prayer calls.
That first clip looks like ET in the background.

I think that dog is as good a Muslim as mine are Christians. Looked to me like that soup bone was most important!

Seriously, that first one I kept thinking to myself, "what's wrong with his paw" cause the bone looked like his paw to me until he moved it.
Dogs often howl when a sound hurts their ears. My Shih-tzu, Brandy, doesn't yap or bark like most small watchdog types do - but when Benny barks at squirrels out the window, his complaints will get to her and she will start howling like a coyote. She does bark at ghosts.
It is interesting to see how religions try to adapt so that they don't upset local people's customs. In most Moslem countries dogs are considered dirty and evil, nobody openly would take a dog inside their house. In Turkey and other Turkic nations majority of people like dogs, and imams don't want to upset people by saying bad things about dogs. For example, they explain why most dogs start howling during the call for prayers as prayer call chases bad spirits and dog can see these bad spirits and they howl to tell them to stay away S1

Recently Religious Affairs of Turkey conducted a small survey, trying to find how religious people were. One of the question in the survey was, "do you believe that if a dog lives in a house, angels won't enter that house?". Many people got upset by that question and wrote funny comments instead of answering the question. One comment was "If an angel lives in a house, there is no need for other angels to enter that house".

Anyway, survey showed that 9% of Turks were very religious.

In the area I live in police, ambulance and fire truck sirens bother dogs, and they start howling. I'm kind of upset that my dog does not, but his friend a Malamute joins the sirens.
My son in law drives me nuts getting my hound started up mimicking a howl.

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