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Christianity dying in Britain
Is Christianity Dying in Britain?

I do not see why this should be phrased as a question.... the charts in the article are convincing enough.

Here is one interesting detail not commented upon in the article:

[Image: k46j9df9-1385375390.jpg]

Notice that while the Church of England shows consistent drive toward zero, Roman Catholics are holding surprisingly steady, at least they were till 1985 (what happened since?). The question is why? Is this simply because of consistency and rejecting new "great" ideas (female priests, acceptance of sodomy, etc? -- but I think these are post-1985 trends?)

Any opinions?
Sodomia delenda est

Europe appears to me since the WWI era to be headed towards the philosophies of the Nietzche's and such.

Why is a difficult question. Fred pointed out that it was the Prots of Europe dying off, the Catholics held steady.

Knowing this and knowing the "movement" led by German Prot theologians since WWI to denigrate the validity of the bible(Rudolf Bultmann is the most famous, Tubingen U's theology department led this charge at one time) AND knowing the intellectual genesis of the Prot movement was "sola scriptura", it seems to me the foundation of Prot Christianity has been successfully removed in Europe among all but Catholics and Orthodox. The apostatsy of the church allowed for this success.

There is hope for European Prots.

Tubingen today is a font of resurgent Christian theology(Martin Hengel was a great theologian who reversed much of Bultmann's work) and the Church of England has 2 of the most imminent theologians of the church, Richard Bauckham and NT Wright. They've all 3 had extremely positive effects on my personal preacher as they have my own views.
In Iraq, too.

Our American patriots that are also Christians can't long ignore the fact their loyalty to the USA has caused their own spiritual people to suffer immensely and I imagine 95% don't care.

A handful will reconsider their loyalties once reality is obvious.

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