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Courting Death With Wingsuits
This fellow, Jeb Corliss, is on the road to a spectacular wipe-out and death in my opinion.  I wish I could return to skydiving and try the skysurfing route.  But definitely not this.

He's already injured himself in South Africa, almost totally wiping out.  

Wingsuit-Wearing Daredevil Completes a Stunt That Terrified Even Him!


Another wingsuit jumper bites the dust: 'Today you fly with me': Italian wingsuit pilot broadcasts his own death live on Facebook as daring Alps jump ends in tragedy.  

I've gone through many an exit door or ramp, both military and sport, and you would never, ever, catch me doing this sort of thing.   Shock

The only thing I regret is not being able to sky surf, with those little boards.  I'd love to be able to do that, but this foolishness...............?  fuggedaboutit!

These folks are so addicted to adrenaline, that they just have to keep taking chances all the time, or they will go through junkie withdrawal.  They really need to go cold turkey, like I did, and just give up all the motorcycles, parachutes, and racing from point A to point B, always in a hurry.  Its just not worth it.  S11

No good video of this guy crashing and burning, but here are two others, who misjudged their trajectory.


Base jumpers die in Switzerland

Quote:Two Base jumpers, including a British man, have died in Switzerland, police said.

Both accidents occurred on Wednesday near Lauterbrunnen in the Alps, which is considered a hub for Base jumping, one of the world’s most dangerous sports.

The British victim was a 49-year-old man who jumped from the “High Ultimate” peak at Muerren and crashed into a cliff, police said, adding that he had not yet been identified.

He is the second British Base jumper to have died in the last fortnight after David Reader, 25, died when his parachute failed to open on a leap in the French Alps on 7 August.

Italian dies in wingsuit accident on Mont Blanc: A 33-year-old found dead 2000m up in the French Alps after attempting a wingsuit jump, mountain rescue services said

Well, Surprise, Surprise, the wingsuit flying crowd are finally beginning to realize that they may have a serious problem here.

Wingsuit flying's most deadly summer leads to soul searching
Already considered the world’s most dangerous sport, wingsuit fliers are questioning why deaths are suddenly rising

Quote:But after the sport’s most deadly summer, during which there has been almost two dozen deaths in three months – the vast majority in the Alps, where flying is legal – participants have begun asking why wingsuit flying has suddenly turned so lethal.

It has not only been less experienced wingsuit fliers who have been dying this summer, but also some of the sport’s most experienced and well-known figures.

Those include Uli Emanuele, famous for flying through a small rock window in Switzerland in 2015, and Alexander Polli, both of whom were killed in accidents in the Alps last month – in Polli’s case attempting to perform a spiral manoeuvre before hitting a tree.

And the sheer number of deaths – in towns such as Chamonix, below Mont Blanc, and in the Lauterbrunnen area of Switzerland – has reached such a level that it is causing serious concern among mountain rescue teams and local residents – some of whom have witnessed fatal accidents.

Jeb Corliss Crashes During a Proximity Flight - The guy above in the first post.


This would be a great tool for special forces.
Here's the main problem: Adrenaline Addiction.  I should know, because I am a long time recovering adrenaline junkie.  Adrenaline will give you an instant high that is totally unreal, especially if your body produces large quantities of it.  Its the most exciting thing in the world.  Skydiving and motorcycle speedsters were my weapons of choice.  Its just totally unbelievable.  

But it is over before you know it.  So, you have to reload and do it over, and over, and over, and...................................... S4

Fortunately, I caught myself, before it killed me.  So I walked away and have never looked back.  If I am late to an appointment, I don't even speed up and race to play "Catch-Up"   Its not worth it just to get to the destination a few seconds ahead of yourself if you had just driven normally.  

Dr. Andrew Weil confirms that "Yes, adrenaline addiction is Real!"

Quote:Yes, there is such a thing as an "adrenaline junkie." I discussed your question with psychiatrist Bernard D. Beitman, M.D., Visiting Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia. Dr. Beitman notes that although the condition is recognized by the scientific community, the term is not yet an official psychiatric diagnosis and, like "sex addiction," the concept needs to be sharpened and clarified through physiological and interview studies.

However, Dr. Beitman tells me that by intentionally putting themselves in danger people like your friend activate their fight-or-flight response. He says that firefighters, police, and individuals who participate in extreme sports all seem to fall into this group. In the presence of perceived danger to life and limb, our adrenal glands pump out large amounts of adrenaline (also called norepinephrine), which is closely related to dopamine — the chemical messenger in the brain that plays a major role in pleasure and addiction. Danger also triggers the pituitary gland and hypothalamus to secrete endorphins, the pain-suppressing and pleasure-inducing compounds that are mimicked by opiates, including heroin.

Adrenaline,....Its the world's most addictive drug.  People need to be made aware of it.

Wingsuit Daredevils? How About Adrenaline Addicts With Suicidal Urges?

[Image: northern-flying-squirrel-3-14929DCE0C70F3D9C51.jpg]

I work with a guy like that. Total adrenaline junkie.

He showed me a video of one of these guys and a partner was filming him coming towards him as the flyer descended off a cliff towards him. He came so fast the partner under estimated his speed and barely dropped into his hole before the guy flew by looked like 200 MPH.

Man that would be awesome if you could do it and know you wouldn't get hurt!

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