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British Paratroops without Aircraft
Shortage of aircraft leaves the Paras without wings

You know its bad when a nation that claims to "be the best in the world", has to borrow aircraft from what is a second world nation?

I also hear recruits are down as well.

Anyone with a deeper knowledge of this sort of thing care to answer on this?

The Brits are not a serious nation anymore. Since 1956,they've sort of seen us as their protectors. They tag along in some of our campaigns because it's the price they think they have to pay to guarantee a US response to a serious problem,like WWI or II again.

Their recruiting is off 50%,they are downsizing in the middle of this GWOT.

You know me,I am no fan of theirs,but I say let them take their troopers home and safe just let;s forget this lopsided agreement deal.
Well, I know Blair is retarded in that aspect, especially since he wants to downsize and remove the regiment system from the British Army, and combine some of the Scottish Regiments into one.

But honestly, is there any in depth analysis of these policies out there?

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