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Mysterious World Map Locations
I'll start this thread off by showing a mysterious pentagon site, located in the heart of Kazakhstan.

[Image: pentagram-on-googlemaps-e1375660726548.jpg]

The interesting thing is not that it is quite large, but that it is not all that old. All of the trees in the area are small, and have not been there all that long. I first saw this on The Blaze earlier, and it had me intrigued. So, I just had to go and check it out on Google Maps. And it really is there. You can find it right here.

Lisakovsk Map — Satellite Images of Lisakovsk

If you look to the left of the town, you will quickly see the reservoir. Then just go about 40% of the way to the left and look at the bottom smaller inlet. Its sitting right there at the head of that small inlet. If it actually was a campground, I would be interested in seeing some photographs taken by the campers.

The EnglishRussia site has obtained photographs from someone who went there and checked the place out. Unfortunately nobody took the time to ask around with the people in the nearby town, just to gain a real history of of the place. I wish someone had.

You called that a "pentagon." Isn't that called a "Pentagram?" It has occult significance, but also is the symbol we put on all our Air Force Planes (a white star on a field of blue.) The Soviets used a red star on a field of white, if I remember correctly. Maybe they just have a red star without a background circle of white. I don't know if Russian Federation Air Force planes still sport that symbol.

Used as an occult symbol, the star is usually inverted--like in the picture above, with one of the points straight down. The U.S. and Soviet Air Force stars usually have one of the points straight up, with two legs down.
Pentagram is correct, and the presence of the circle does identify it as occult rather than communist. Additionally, communist as well as the US Airforce stars are solid, not intersecting lines. Russian airforce still uses a variant of red star, altered in 2010, see here

Direction, however, is irrelevant, you don't know which way is up. S6
Sodomia delenda est

Here is the USAF Roundel:

OK... I googled a bit. The story was first reported in 2009, and there was a local investigation all right. Back in 1970s, this was a recreational park decorated with the star, and an obelisk in the middle, concrete plates or blocks forming a star and vegetation around it. the park was abandoned (1990s?), the obelisk is gone, blocks are still there but what is seen from space is the vegetation. The size of the trees is consistent with being planted in 1970s. Just who and why designed it is not clear, but definitely communist.

photos here show the place in 2009, but actually not much to see now. The date on this link is Nov 3, 2009.
Sodomia delenda est

Satanists could rent it for their cult. A Trash Metal concert there would be too cool, he!

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