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The Ruins of Syria
I came across this a little while ago, and need to show some of the terrible consequences of the war in Syria. Not only is it terrible in lives, but in structures as well. The entire infrastructure of the country is in almost complete ruins.

But I have been noticing some things for a while now, only didn't really pay as close attention to it as I did going through this pictorial post. Most people would look at the devastation, but not see the quality of the buildings that were destroyed. But having worked in construction management for a few years before becoming self-employed, it is very easy for me to note.

Here's what I mean.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+4.jpg]

The concrete floors are folded, like in an accordion. Obviously there were no supporting pillars, or walls with enough tensile strength to support weight under high stress. And the quality of the poured concrete is so poor it just forms large flakes throughout the entire sheet. Well made concrete will never do that because there is enough reinforcement steel present And the concrete itself would be of sound quality. None of that is noticeable there.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+16.jpg]

In this indoor bazaar the roof has been hit with most likely a tank round and there is a very large hole in top of the building. But there are no reinforcement rods sticking out. I wonder why? And if you look at the raw concrete edges, the concrete is very porous and flaky. Its all substandard, and dangerous in my opinion.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+19.jpg]

In this picture one can really see the flaky nature of the poured floors of the building on the left. Its almost as though the floor was poured one small batch at a time, and then spread out in thin sheets, having no regard to strength. No wonder everything comes tumbling down so easily.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+20.jpg]

In this apartment the concrete walls are so flaky that almost anyone could knock them down with a hammer. You would never see this in the US. Well, just to cover myself, almost never.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+23.jpg]

And note the reinforcing rods here. There is so little there that its a wonder the buildings even managed to stand long enough for them to be shot down.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+9.jpg]

And in this closeup you can clearly see that even the presence of reinforcing steel is not enough to keep the substandard concrete from crumbling out around it. There is simply little there to hold the building together, and all it would take is a direct high explosive tank round to totally destroy the entire building.

[Image: Ruins+of+Syria+24.jpg]

Here is what looks like a Christian cathedral. Note how much better it is able to withstand damage. My guess is that it was built by Europeans before Syria became a Collectivist dictatorship. The quality shows it to be older than the buildings above.

Regardless the outcome of this war, the entire infrastructure of the country is going to have to be completely rebuilt, from the ground up. None of these damaged structures can be allowed to remain in the long run, if the country is to give the citizenry a chance to live in safe housing.

This is just one more example of how corruption, through bribes and shoddy quality, within a Collectivist system is doomed to failure. I can't see how anyone would want to inherit such a prize.

Note: there are a lot of other photographs of the ruins of Syria in the linked page. Its enough to make some want weep.

Here's a slide show of Homs and that city's devastation. Again, keep your eye on the quality of the concrete in the pictures.

[Image: ?m=02&d=20130628&t=2&i=745742265&w=&fh=&...RIA-CRISIS]

Has the zoning/building inspection board been executed yet?
Jefferson: I place economy among the first and important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude. If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of caring for them, they will be happy.
They're probably all relatives of Bashar Hafez al-Assad. The problem is not just collectivist tyranny--it is also nepotism. The main difference between Syria and Saudi Arabia (with its ruling royal family cast of thousands) is that Saudi Arabia has all that oil money.
I think in these regions, it has nothing to do with nepotism/collectivism or whatever dictatorship.

It's the mentality to build everything at minimal cost, minimum requirement and lazyness.

You don't need to watch ruin pictures to notice how poorly build their houses are. Intact houses look already horrible.

First there is absolutely no decoration or search for estethic whatsover. Of course they are poor poeple, and they can't afford expensive material and extras. But you will notice that in every street, on every houses.
Even poor poeple in other poor countries takes the effort to make their houses more beautiful whenever it's possible (See Latino America).

This is a sign that they will not care about extra safety and extra strenght neither.
They put more importance in furnitures than on the building also because culturaly the interior matters, not the exterior. They are poeple who hide themsleves inside and they don't care how it looks on the outside.

They want to build while saving as much as possible on everything, not because of corruption but because they think it's ok to build it like this.
They noticed that concrete will hold with 5 part of sand for one part of cement, instead of 3, then notice it will hold also with 6 parts of sand for one of cement!
Then the cement itself must have poor quality: they buy the cheapest one, when they can find some.

Same with iron rods: If it holds with one rod every 50 cm instead of one every 15 cm, why wasting money?

And here you go...

jt Wrote:Has the zoning/building inspection board been executed yet?
They were executed when they started reporting the dangers.
Absolutely. Here are a few more shots showing the decay:

[Image: a6370c1c-e33f-4a44-a422-809bfa964584_650x366.jpg]
[Image: 293a31fd-05e5-4ac6-909e-46e186163697_650x366.jpg]
[Image: a24f47c8-ce09-42f1-ab9a-1b3e5c0698a2_650x366.jpg]

More war horror at link. S6
Sodomia delenda est



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