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Russia and the Information Revolution
Since you like Vrubel, may be you like Roerich as well?
I have been writing about him on this forum here.
Generally, I am a fan of Russian Art, Literature and the country on the whole.
I wish I could visit Russia once. S6
Green Wrote:I wish I could visit Russia once. S6

Huh? Your location seems to imply you don't need visiting...
Sodomia Delenda Est

Hey, man, do you wanna rob me of my last dream?
Jedburgh Wrote:In April 2005, Dmitry Frolov, an official from the FSB’s Information Security Center, citing Georgia and Ukraine, told legislators at a Duma roundtable that the Internet was “becoming a serious player on the information field capable of shaping pubic opinion,” and it had the capability “to mobilize political forces against the authorities in their state.” He concluded that the jurisdiction of Russia’s siloviki to monitor electronic communications should be substantially expanded.

He has accomplices in EU. S2
Today europeans are discussion the same for EU. Article in swedish:
Telephone and internet traffic must be kept at least 0,5 - 2 years.
Poland want to keep it 15 years.
I'm sure you can find this information in english.
It looks gap between Russia and EU is vanishing. Viva Orwell.

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