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Jordanian war on extremism?
Jordan's new "jihad" on extremism -- is it really worth anything?

This is what he'll say he'll do, or what Jorden will do, but honestly, will anything like this be worth anything?
Yea,it will be. Any Islamic and especially Arabic speaking state that throws totally into the GWOT is a force multiplier as they can assist us with Arabic agents to penetrate al qaeda,Arabic speakers and cultural people to help us know what is what. Intelligence agents,etc.

It would not shock me to learn Jordan has a special forces battalion in Anbar Province someday soon in fact,non public of course.

There are already some Arabic special forces in Afghanistan under the radar.
Jordan has some experience with terrorism (remember how Arafat got himself kicked out in 1970), and a highly functional security (accordingly to recent reports it is the Jordanians who do heavy duty interrogations --- and, btw, this may be a reason for Zarqawi to dislike the king).

But as for Jordanian forces in Iraq: would not this sound too much like a partition? (with Sunni areas going to Jordan eventually).
Sodomia Delenda Est

And the rest going to Iran?

Seems somewhat far fetched, though likely, for it to really happen.
Gunnen4u Wrote:And the rest going to Iran?

In case of a partition, the Shia area will be under heavy Iranian influence, and the Kurd area will likely try being very Iran-friendly.

(I was not saying that a partition is happening any time soon -- only that the Jordanian presense in Anbar would make it more likely. Right now a partition is a no-no, so I'd think no Jordanian presense any time soon.)
Sodomia Delenda Est

I was speculating only. Jordan can be a huge assist in the GWOT simply by refining their intelligence agency assist to us and others. We need Arabs helping and long term,the GWOT is still mostly a covert operation,not a hot war.

This to me is excellent news.

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