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DHS Buys Up 1.6 Billion Rounds In Past Year
(03-25-2013, 10:25 PM)Gunnen4u Wrote: I'd police up brass even if you do not have the caliber or even reload, because someone else does and it can be valuable what with the shortages and quasi-famine we're having at present concerning reloading components.

There's nothing 'quasi' about it. You can find bullets (Natchez is still fairly good), but that's about it. Powder and primers? Forget it. Some die sets are getting thin as well. It's 2009 all over again. The only thing that hasn't gotten rare are shotgun shells. I attribute this to a litmus test that says if it comes out of Biden's mouth, it has to be BS

Be careful about sticking with picking up your own stuff. If somebody else left it on the ground there's a fair chance that it's past it's service life. Good for selling as scrap ... but dicey for reloading if the case has gotten paper thin. A case separation will really screw up an otherwise wonderful day.

... edit ...
Here's a nice kit. ... or at least it was a few days ago when they still had it in stock. Another $30 or so for dies and your left nut for the a fore mentioned unobtainium components and you're in. They sell a full Lee kit for about $110, but I broke two of their flimsy presses before I finally got smart and got a Rockchucker.
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RCBS carbide dies are the way to go: don't have to lube every shell.
I don't have access to reloader equipment without paying more than I want to invest. So next time I go to visit my daughter in SC, I am going to take the carbine and do a detailed field sighting using the new ammo, which is of the lower grain. Once I have it well sighted, I'm going to play with it for a while, and make certain I still have at least four hundred rounds.

And when(lets hope so) my back ordered rounds from several locations comes in, I'm going to order them and stock up on what I can get. And I also have several hundred of the high grain ammo on back order as well.

Oh, and I just ordered a Monte Carlo stock for my SKS. I really dislike that collapsible stock that is supposed to make it look like a submachine gun.

Also, I have several Tapco 20 round magazines on back order. The 30 magazines are not practical because they get in the way of the supporting hand and are less reliable for moving rounds up to the magazine mouth. Until they come in, I will live with the 20 round box magazine that is supposed to hold 20, but doesn't. It only holds 19 rounds, and the twentieth goes into the chamber. That's not very safe IMO.

I've loaded the box magazine, and 18 rounds are the best for smooth operation. I'm going to use 9 round stripper clips instead of going with 10 rounds. That way I can very quickly insert the striper clip, push down, and load the 18 rounds in just a matter of a few seconds. Now that I have lightly oiled the inside of the box magazine, and everything moves smoothly, it is very easy to load almost effortlessly. I've practiced quick loads, and they load up and extract flawlessly.
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Holy Guacamole!! Hey G4U ... check out small rifle primer (CCI 400s) prices on Gunbroker. You can get 'em! ... but ... Buy it now option is generally running $150/K .... Yikes!! Ya think Homeland Security has decided that reloads are the way to go now? S11
"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
-- Henry Mencken

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