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Turkey and the PKK
Fred, read this link, on the F-14 Tomcat, better known as the "Turkey". In the US, the turkey is a very large bird, that synonymous with being,........well being a turkey. If you have ever seen a wild one taking off, you will get the idea.

Erdogan organizes ISIL suicide bombing at Kurdish rally for peace which kills 128, then send in riot police, fire teargas.

That's the way they fight ISIL.
Yesterday they accused some Kurdish groups of planting the bombs... Ok today they reduce the level of ridicule to saying "we think it's ISIL".
Of course it's ISIL, who else is working for Erdogan?

ISIL is double useful for him: They fight against Assad and the Kurds.

Now Turkey resumed attacks on PKK in support for ISIL.

It's disgusting... and we are supposed to be allied with Turkey? This is a shame.

John, since this thread is about Turkey: As a kid I was a fan of the F14 Tomcat and its "variable geometry". S5
It looked so great but I never realised that it increased the weight by 25% and was so complicated mecanicaly.

Moving wings mecanicaly, either verticaly or horizontaly never worked well. Did it?
I would right now bet 10 grand Erdogan ordered that bombing. The clowns that did it thought they were working for Allah and themselves to get their virgins, they were working for Turk ethnic nationalism and their reward won't be a bunch of under aged virgin whores giving them pussy for eternity.
I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Turkish Spring this winter. Next civil war will be Turkey and it won't be only about PKK.
Riot police with water cannon and armored vehicles stood by as the crowd

There are better ways to mourn victims of terrorism, IMHO.
How about Ankara. Kurds know who their enemy is here.

It is Turk nationalism which is ethnic centric superiority complex.

IF ISIS were an independent jihadi actor, Turkey would have been a target, you can buy pussy and beer in Turkey on the open market after all and Jews can and do own ocean front property.

I doubt many Turks buy this bullshit, but, you can assume most western folks will.

ISIS is the new "western bogey man" mirage to blame everything on. Probably who caused our stock market instability, too!
Hmmm... if I remember right, the ISIS incursions started from humble sources. A few extremists started making waves, and stumbled into adventures that allowed them to break into some banks. After they had the money, they could buy adherents. Maybe some faction took it over after awhile, but it sure seemed to begin helter-skelter.
No, WmL, the IS poped up very quickely as the upper dog on the scene, too quickely to "start from humble source".
They had a lot of money from the beginning and they just recycled al-Qaida in Iraq and took almost all the militants with them. Then they started to have financing problem despite all the support they had. Bad management, and also bad distribution, leaving some groups by themselves and continuing with more humble resources, as you said.
We already know the how and why of ISIS. It is led by Sunni officers from Iraq's pre 2003 Army.

Once the US left Iraq and the Baghdad government increased their persecution of Iraqi Sunni Arabs, they all gave up and started their unified jihad against Shiites in chaotic Syria and Northern Iraq.

It's not a mystery. They are very well organized, armed largely with your tax dollars and EQ from Khaddafi's armory and the US arsenal( mainly TOWs), partially trained by our operatives. Right now we're on the outs with ISIS only, but, we've been using ISIS and al Nusra to advance our cause along the way.

Our nation accepts this, too. The sqwauking is about NOT overthrowing Assad, no one is screaming about our role vis a vis Sunni jihadists and we know we have armed them based on US documents available from Judicial watch made public. I do anyway.

For more physical evidence the US has armed al qaeda jihadists in Syria:

Probably just a mistake.....just kidding. We are arming the jihad fellas, so when they succeed hitting us here, hope all you patriots don't get too upset, it's part of the jihad after all that we are funding, arming and training.
The variable pitch wing F-14s really looked cool in the movie Final Countdown, one of my favorite time travel stories. When the pilot was given permission to "splash the Zeroes" and those wings swept back as the plane dove forward like a hawk stooping on its prey, it was thrilling to watch! S1

.jpg   F14d.jpg (Size: 30.08 KB / Downloads: 71)

F-14D with wings swept back in "attack" configuration
Erdogan's idea of a Turkish Caliphate, with him in control, is taking on a whole new meaning. The Right Scoop gets this correct.

FASCISM!President Erdoğan files 93 criminal cases for insult in 3 months

Quote:The numbers are staggering. In just the last three months, from October to December, 93 criminal complaints were filed by Erdogan against those who have ‘insulted’ him and almost half of those are journalists!

Quote:TODAY’S ZAMAN – President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been the complainant in 93 criminal complaints for cases of insult in the three-month time frame of October to December 2015, according to a recently released report on news portal

Of the 93 people accused under Articles 125 and 299 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK), 42 are journalists.

Article 125 reads, “Anyone undermining the honor, dignity or respectability of another person or who attacks a person’s honor by attributing to them a concrete act or fact, or by means of insult shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of between three months and two years or punished with a judicial fine.” As for Article 299, it mandates that anyone convicted of insulting the president serve a jail term of between one and four years.

In the months from October to the end of December, 34 journalists were in prison. Since then, several have been released.

Television suffered from the most censorship with 18 channels being cut off from broadcasting. Access to 13 websites was also blocked, four magazines were censored and books by four authors were removed from circulation.

The number of unemployed journalists spiked in that period, with at least 213 journalists losing their jobs. In the same period of time last year, this number was only 47.

Journalists are increasingly accused of being “terrorists” and “spies” in Turkey and there are 74 facing charges for crimes such as “membership in a terrorist organization,” “espionage,” “attempted coup” and “violation of privacy.”

What’s crazy about all of this is that Erdogan acts like a king but he’s not even the most powerful man in the country. He’s only president, which is more akin to the office of Vice President here in the states. Prime Minister is the most powerful office in Turkey, but PM Davutoglu lets him run the country anyway. It’d be like Obama letting Biden run the country while Obama acts like his sidekick. It’s just weird.

No wonder some in Turkey are already calling Erdogan ‘Caliph’.

Kobane must be more strategic than it looks like on a map. It's the farthest west of Syrian Kurd controlled area, so I assume Turkey is encouraging ISIS keep the Kurds from moving further east? There's plenty of Turkmen in northwest Syria for Turkey to smuggle stuff through instead of Kurd areas.
I guess Turkey is more important than any other consideration for the west. If Saudi Arabia is, Turkey is easy comparatively:
Looks like more PKK terror attacks.

Trio of bombing attacks in Turkey kill 14 people, wound 220 others, while ISIS fighters kill 10 in Libya explosion

Quote:Two cars loaded with explosives and a roadside blast targeting Turkey's security forces left at least 14 people dead in a trio of attacks, officials said Thursday.

Authorities say the assaults — which wounded 220 people — were the bloody work of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, which has launched a campaign of car bombings targeting police stations and security force vehicles.

The group's leader, Cemil Bayik, last week threatened more violence against police in Turkish cities.

Raw: Aftermath of Turkey Police Station Blast


As we agreed on the other thread, Kruds are very stupid. Turkey is the last country to attack for them. But there aren't the only ones to be stupid.
At the same time they resume the fight against Assad while all the focus should be on ISIS, go figure.
(08-20-2016, 04:47 PM)Fredledingue Wrote: As we agreed on the other thread, Kruds are very stupid. Turkey is the last country to attack for them. But there aren't the only ones to be stupid.
At the same time they resume the fight against Assad while all the focus should be on ISIS, go figure.

Kurds are Not stupid Fred. It is the PKK leadership that is stupid. They make up a tiny percentage of the Kurds, and they are Marxist driven.

Keep in mind that there are many different groups of Kurds. Like anything else, they are not monolithic. It is the PKK that is fighting Turkey, and as long as Erdogan stays out of the rest of the Kurd's hair, this will not escalate into other areas.

Let's hope so. Still it's stupid to be divided when all you need is unity and you are the seakest group in the region...
Kurds are doing what Kurds do, trying to carve out geography only for Kurds. In the area of the article above, they massacred some Christians and took over a small Christian village several months back. Not because the people were Christians, because they were Arabs.

Assad is currently attempting to stop the advancement of the Kurds further west and Russia is assisting. The USA just yesterday threatened to shoot Syrian AF jets down in that area. I support Syria and Russia against the USA in this endeavor. The USA has about as much moral standing as Adolf Hitler in Syria going back to the meddling of the CIA in the 1950s.

In this specific region, the Kurds are not warring on ISIS, they are carving our Kurdistan they hope.
Here's more on that wedding terrorist attack: Turkey's Erdogan blames child suicide bomber for wedding attack that killed 51

Quote:GAZIANTEP, Turkey (Reuters) - At least 51 people were killed when a suicide bomber aged between 12 and 14 attacked guests dancing on the street at a wedding party in the Turkish city of Gaziantep near the Syrian border late on Saturday, the Turkish President said.

The attack was the deadliest in a series of bombings in Turkey this year, and President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday Islamic State was likely behind it. Turkey faces multiple security threats from militants at home and from Syria.

"Initial evidence suggests it was a Daesh attack," Erdogan said, using an Arabic name for the hardline Sunni group, during a visit to Gaziantep after the attack. He said 69 people were in hospital and 17 were "heavily injured".

Yep, if its a child or female bomber, it is almost certainly ISIS. PKK may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but they are not that dull witted and barbaric.

Since it was directed at Kurds, how did you guys decide it was the Kurds did it? Even Erdogan said it was ISIS and he has a built in desire to denigrate all Kurds.
Palladin, we are talking about two different attacks: One, one week ago directed on turkish soldiers directly involved in military fights against the Kurds, so we believe the kurds did it and the other attack 3 days ago, at a wedding party night, using a child/young teenager suicide bomber, target only innocent civilians, so we believe ISIS did that one..

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