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Innocent Casualties Of War
Awfully hard to square self-defense only as a tenet of Christianity when so much else is taught in the Bible. Tell me again why Jericho's walls came a-tumblin' down? As for self-defense, the holiest men were the martyrs who did not defend themselves.

I say again that it is built into us to do what we think is right. For the perpetrator it may seem to be righteous vengeance or justice - while to the victims it is evil. In the eyes of a sociopath, there is a plus or minus to his/her actions.

Judge not... In the eyes of the beholder?
1) Because Jericho was populated mainly with a thing called "nephilim" which were hybrids of humanity and divine creatures and implacably opposed to Yahweh and His people. Jericho was not primarily populated with 100% humans.

Gen. 3:15 is the genesis of this situation, the main(but , not only) reason the nephilim had to be taken down. Had to maintain pure humanity.

BTW, Rahab the harlot lived in Jericho and exited the place when given the opportunity and ended up in Christ's lineage.

2) Because the nephilim(all Canaanites honestly 3-4000 years ago) were major league on human sacrifice, drugs and sex orgies would be another piece of logic.

Evidence is strong with archaeologists and ANE historians about Canaanite human sacrifice culture, sex orgies and drugs & God isn't thrilled with that life style and He had to be anxious that the Jews avoid buying into Canaan's "drugs, sex, human sacrifice and rock and roll" culture(secular evidence demonstrates all this EX rock&roll, not just the bible).

If they had bought into Canaanite culture to a larger degree, the Jews would have died out like all other ANE small people groups did( and half the huge people groups did), nephilim would have spread out with their attendant evil and God would be a liar based on Genesis 3:15 and other Messianic passages, we would not have Christ and His work on our behalf.

That's a poor option for a intrinsically good creator faced with implacable evil. Sometimes, even just good folks do have to be hard on evil folks, right?

3) Since AD Christians are not in combat with nephilim , Christians are not who Messiah would be brought onto earth out from and we have no unqiue geography God desires us to exist within, we cannot act like ancient Israel in their first century after exiting Israel and stand in God's will.

Neither did Israel after the taking of the land, combat later was mostly SOP self defense with Philistia and several other groups attacking them, they were attacked as soon as they left Egypt in Sinai for example.

Self defense is it for a Christian , IMO, would have been for the ANE Jews EX nephilim and the extreme evil culture of Canaan.

We all would vomit if we could stand back and watch Canaanite lif styles, they made Hitler look like a girl scout with their murdering of infants to appease their gods.

4) I agree, some of the greatest believers are martyrs. That does not mean they did not have the right of self defense. That's a defense against criminal violence I speak of upon an individual or state.

IF I am picked up by the law, I have no authority from God to resist it. If they are going to murder me for being a believer, I have no authority to use violence to avoid it.

I do have the authority to use violence if someone tries to assault mine.

That's where I draw the line.

5) I don't think the term "judgemental" fairly fits what I am saying here. I judge hating you is wrong, that's not judgemental. Me accusing you of being evil is judgemental.

I went out of my way to state I had supported more inadmissable killing than 10 of us could.

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