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Earth Science & Geology News
Did anyone get a chance to see this on "What on Earth" presentation.  Also, I have the solution to it below the video.

Is This Island Moving? | What on Earth?

Here's the explanation: Huge Pumice 'Island' Floats in Pacific
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I was just roaming around, and in one of the online papers, I saw this subject in Yakima County, Washington. Looks like a pretty good portion of a hill/mountain, which is over 2,000 feet high, is slowly separating itself from the rest of the hill/mountain. If it suddenly collapsed all at once, there could be a lot of damage, and possibly loss of life.

Landslide Threat Leads To Evacuations Near Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge Slide

And this raises another question: When people live in disaster-prone areas, shouldn’t they be moved permanently?

I'm not sure what would happen, or which way it would slide, but knowing about long run-out slides, they can travel great distances with something such as this.
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Holy Cow!  What a great Christmas present!  

Gold 'mother lode' unearthed underground in Kambalda delivers $15 million in just four days

[Image: 10219624-3x2-700x467.jpg]
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Holy Cow, I saw this 2013 video for the first time, and it is Really Telling. Take the time and watch it, because it demonstrates some things that we can expect in an earthquake. And especially in Japan.

Just imagine what is happening to all the underground plumbing. Shock

Soil liquefaction in Japan

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I've experienced two 4.5 earthquakes, a little bit of shaking and that was about it.
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(10-08-2018, 09:56 PM)Canuknucklehead Wrote: I've experienced two 4.5 earthquakes, a little bit of shaking and that was about it.

We used to have earthquakes in Japan, when we were stationed there in 1951. But living in Alaska for six years was really an experience. There were tremors and bigger quakes All Of The Time. We all got so used to it that nobody ever broke stride when one went off.

I can't remember if we experienced a size 8 or more, but a 6 and 7 occurred often somewhere in the state. The one off Valdez was a 9.2, which is the second biggest quake of all recorded time, if I recall. Fortunately, I was already in South Carolina when that came down.

Yep, it was the second biggest of recorded time.
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