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Great Anti-Malware Software
My mouse has been acting up for several weeks, the cursor would move about on it own etc, I tried various anti virus and anti-malware software without success. This afternoon I was reading PC Magazine and it had an article on Ransomware, and recommended Hitman Pro for removing it. I ran it on my computer and it found the problem in less than 5 minutes. Try the 31 day free trial, you've nothing to lose. I removed everything it found on both my laptops and they now run smoothly.

Hitman Pro
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I got to try that thing out and see how it does. Thanks.

I was recently introduced to Speedy PC Pro, and their "Advanced Tech Support" that involves throughly searching out your computer for all unnecessary processes left running (I know as a programmer that Windows was based on Unix, and Unix is notorius for leaving "zombie" processes running), and everything else that can slow down your computer. It does registry cleaning, etc. They do this by remotely taking control of your computer and performing all the maintenance that a computer pro would do for you in a computer shop. (I used to do this kind of thing myself when I worked as a computer programmer for MV Software.) It takes several hours. They also install what they call MalwareBytes, which they claim is superior to Norton, McAfee, etc. The fact that my old software (Wowway's F-File) claimed I had a firewall, but that firewall did not interfere with their technician taking remote control of my computer, shows how ineffective that supposed firewall was. The technician told me usually he would have to get passwords from me, etc., to get around a firewall.

The resulting improvement in my computer functioning was significant.

You can get started at

If you want to check on Speedy PC Pro, etc., here is a good reference:

Notice Consumer's Guides rates Speedy PC Pro as their top choice.

The full service does cost a couple of hundred dollars. With that you get eligibility to have the search and cleanup service done for you three more times in the coming year, if you need it.
Questions: Does any one use this free antivirus software from Microsoft (Microsoft Security Essentials), and if so do you like it? If you do not like it, do you have any suggestions to other free antivirus software that you do like?

Thinking about using Microsoft Security Essentials for 2014. Thanks! S22
AVG still seems to be about the best. (there is a free version).
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I've been using Avast free software for several years, it does the job for me. I frequent warez and scene sites and received some really nasty infections download crap. I also made a rescue USB flash drive.

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