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Amazon Delivers--Groceries!
For some time, ever since the local Good Foods Company Health Food grocery store closed, I have been trying to find a source for the canned Worthington Veja Links and Fri Chik that I particularly like. I had been driving all the way down to Royal Oak to get them at Nutri-Foods, sort of the granddaddy of health food stores in this area, but even they stopped carrying the regular Veja Links, and only sold the low fat variety, which doesn't taste as good. They also want something like $7.00 a can, and I have to drive over ten miles to get to the store.

On a lark, I decided to enter "Veja Links" in the search box in, and to my amazement the very product I was looking for came up. It looks like Amazon carries most of the Worthington vegetarian foods. They want the Veja Links ordered in 12 can lots, and the Fri Chik in six can lots. But their shipping costs are not excessive, and my final price was less than I would have had to pay at Nutri-Foods.

I ordered 12 cans of Veja Links and six cans of Fri Chik on Saturday night (after sundown), and UPS just delivered them in one big (heavy) box early Tuesday afternoon.

This isn't an advertisement--I just had to express my amazed satisfaction at such prompt and convenient service. I am used to ordering DVDs and books through, and their service has always been quite fast and reliable. Of course, I can order DVDs and books USED, at a fraction of the cost new. But I wouldn't want to order used groceries!

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